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29 29 '15
Creeping Occupation of Georgia Following the 2008 War
the Russian occupational regime is planning to go back to the old administrative borders of the South Ossetian autonomous province which existed during Soviet times. The Russian plan entails to mark the so-called border through village Karipala in order to take over parts of the Baku-Supsa pipeline. Full Article 

24 24 '15
Georgia seeks to join NATO despite Russian reservations
By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun
In a recent interview with Anadolu Agency to mark the seventh anniversary of the 2008 Russia-Georgia War and the 22nd anniversary of the 1992-93 War in Abkhazia, Georgian Ambassador to Turkey Irakli Koplatadze said that his country's main foreign policy agenda was now to join the NATO alliance. Full Article 

02 2 '13
An open letter to PM Bidzina Ivanishvili
By Zurab Japaridze, MP (UNM)
Economy is not digits and statistics. Economy is a mix of decisions made daily by separate citizens. To do something or not to do, risk or not to risk, foresee for a year, 1year, 5 years, 10 years or 3 days. Overall exactly this kind of decisions are reflected on the very economic indicator about which I am talking from parliamentary or other tribunes and which tend to deteriorate constantly. Full Article 

04 4 '13
The New Georgian Government and 100 Days of Its Foreign Policy
By Sergi Kapanadze, Ex-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
To summarize what has occurred in one sentence: the new government has maintained the main priorities in foreign policy however it has delayed certain significant processes and decisions. Time and the identities of Georgia’s new ambassadors will show how the recent decision to replace the ambassadors will affect the country’s foreign policy. Let’s analyze this matter topic by topic Full Article 

27 27 '13
The Perception of Selective Justice
By Oto Kakhidze
Within a month the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia had detained more than 20 high profile people, including the Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, the Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi, the former interior minister, and the former head of General Inspection and other employees of the Constitutional Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Full Article 

18 18 '12
The problem of occupied territories in the process of Georgia’s European integration
By Dmitry Mandjavidze
Perhaps, it's time when openness, or so-called transparency, in relation to the public reached its critical point. The critical point, we believe is the line, which is followed by a break of confidentiality of politician’s action, which can be even more dangerous than a lack of transparency. Full Article 

26 26 '12
Keeping An Eye on Canaries
By Alexander (Kakha) Lomaia
Before the devices measuring the content of poisonous methane gas in coal mines was invented, it was the canaries that were helping the miners. The public also needs some kind of canaries - indicators which allow measuring how things work in a particular area of public policy. Full Article 

31 31 '12
Olympics as a test for Georgian statehood
By Gela Vasadze
Recent statement by the Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili that Georgia should take part in the Olympic Games in Sochi, and even contribute to their proper conduct, shocked many in Georgia. Debates are still ongoing about whether Georgia should take part in a sports festive of the country, which occupies 20% of its neighbor’s territory, and in the festive, which is happening at a territory where mass killings of Circassians by the Russian Empire took place. Full Article 

31 31 '12
Abkhaz people must make decisive choice
By Lorik Marshania
Due to the fact that some of the commentators on this website continue to spread Abkhaz-sided mythological version of the events, we found it necessary to publish a translation of the article, whose author is not an ethnic Georgian (to avoid accusations in spreading the Georgian propagandistic views), but a highly respected Abkhazian Full Article 

11 11 '12
Democracy in action or new reality in Georgia
By Gela Vasadze
After coming to power through revolution, the United National Movement had two choices - to give public the maximum democracy, by which any reform would be condemned, or to implement reform by means of rigid authoritarian hand, in order to pull the country out of the hole - in which it appeared after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the governance of Soviet elite – into the conditions of market economy Full Article 

11 11 '12
Something has changed in my Georgia
By Masha Grishina
Something has changed in my Georgia. It is not about the change of ministers, the new management of National Bank or new Prosecutor General. Something has changed in the atmosphere of the country, or rather the way I feel the atmosphere in Georgia. Full Article 

28 28 '12
Last Satrap of Georgia
By Givi Gorgiladze
For more than half a century he held the country by the throat. This is the man, who at the peak of his career, from the tribune of XXIV convention of the communist party, pronounced the words, worth of an imperial satrap: "The sun for Georgia rose from the North." Full Article 

27 27 '12
What did the Russian Generals admit!
By Andrey Illarionov
Former advisor of Russian President Vladimir Putin analyzes statements of the Russian Army Generals regarding the beginning of the Russian-Georgian war in August 2008, its planning and resources used by Russia to invade the territory of another sovereign state - Georgia. Full Article 

24 24 '12
Tbilisi Lesson
By Matvey Ganapolsky
No one really knows what did those resignations worth for Saakashvili - there are many rumors, on the undercover games in the government, but it is not important for the community. Important is how capable government was of self-cleaning, even under such big pressure. Full Article 

21 21 '12
Gldantanamo or System Failure
By Tamar Chergoleishvili and Salome Ugulava
The government was obliged to protect the rights of inmates, despite of what crime they had committed. The ruling party did not or could not do it and, of course, made a mistake. Government's inaction indirectly affected those employees of the penitentiary system, who might be doing their duties faithfully. Full Article 

17 17 '12
What did Putin admit?!
By Andrey Illarionov
Putin spoke about his participation in the preparation and conducting of the Russian-Georgian war twice last August First – responding journalists’ questions during a visit to the Leningrad Region, Russia on August 7 Full Article 

07 7 '12
Common sense against invasion
By Tengiz Ablotia
In October, Georgia has very heavy and difficult elections - no doubt, the Russian army will closely monitor everything that happens after the votes. And Kavkaz-2012 training does not have direct relation to it. It is something else - if we give Russia a reason, it will by all means use one, with "Kavkaz-2012" or without it Full Article 

05 5 '12
Guide: New Georgia – Village of High Technologies
By Lizaveta Tatarnikova
As a result of joint support from the government, various kinds of investments and inspiration of world architects, impressive number of construction sites have appeared, where government buildings are raising quickly, new police stations, customs terminals, projects of large hotel complexes Full Article 

05 5 '12
Between Journalism and Espionage
By Luka Menabde
Unlike a donkey, which never fells into the same hole twice, we’ve done so several times already. In August 2008 almost the same thing happened - during the live broadcast one journalist was telling with a happy face about “stupid” Russians, who could not target [bombs] well. Full Article 

03 3 '12
Did Ivanishvili remind Kremlin of his loyalty?
By Giorgi Gvakharia
Let’s just turn to the commonly accepted notions of international law and try to explain – what does legal presence of military units of one country on the territory of another mean ... In this case, let’s consider the example of Tskhinvali region. Full Article 

:. Latest Headlines
10 June '16 12:21
Rustavi 2 case - the Court of Appeals upheld the decision Urtmelidze
This process had nothing to do with the case of Broadcasting company Rustavi2, Shavgulidze said

31 May '16 20:41
Georgia to be the first invited country to open wine exhibition in Bordeaux Cultural Wine Center
France’s city of Bordeaux declared 2017 as the year of Georgia.

21 May '16 16:22
EUMM Statement on the Incident in Kurcha
EUMM is on the spot monitoring the situation and collecting information and informing EU Institutions and EU Member States

21 May '16 16:18
Government will do everything in order this terrible fact to be fully investigated – Mikheil Janelidze
The EU monitoring mission was involved in the process from the very beginning as well as all international formats

21 May '16 16:17
Name of the Abkhazian «border guard» that killed Georgian citizen revealed
Citizen of Georgia Giga Otkhozoria was killed at Khurcha-Nabakevi border

21 May '16 16:15
U.S. Embassy condemns fatal shooting in the village of Khurcha
The Embassy of United States to Georgia has released a statement responding to the shooting in the village of Khurcha

20 May '16 17:33
Georgian man killed by Russia’s border guards near ABL with Abkhazia
A Georgian citizen has been shot six times and killed by Russia'a border guards patrolling the area between Georgia and breakaway Abkhazia region

23 March '16 16:13
Russian judicial farce reached its climax
Russian judicial farce reached its climax: Nadia Savchenko found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 22 years in prison