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Between Journalism and Espionage

By Luka Menabde

Unlike a donkey, which never fells into the same hole twice, we’ve done so several times already. In August 2008 almost the same thing happened - during the live broadcast one journalist was telling with a happy face about “stupid” Russians, who could not target [bombs] well....  Full Article 

D. Shashkin: We do not want anything that belongs to others, but we will not give what belongs to us

By Mirian Bokolishvili

Dimitri Shashkin: As long as we have very difficult neighbor who is absolutely unpredictable, our main objective is always to be ready for total defence. We do not want anything that belongs to others, but we will not give what belongs to us...  Full Article 

:. Defence
06 October '15 13:57
Kurt Walker says MAP not expected for Georgia and Ukraine
I don’t think Georgia and Ukraine should expect to receive MAP at upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw, Walker says

29 September '15 15:51
Georgia has joined the Response Force - Irakli Gharibashvili
The head of state thanked President Obama and other world leaders for being committed to global security

29 September '15 15:50
Georgia to take part in UN peacekeeping mission
The Prime Minister made the abovementioned announcement for the Georgian media when assessing the bilateral meetings and events held during the UN General Assembly

24 September '15 13:59
Our main goal is to join NATO - Khidasheli
Any action that makes NATO integration realistic is Georgia’s main task, Ms. Khidasheli added.

23 September '15 18:28
James Appathurai offers condolences to the family of killed Georgian Private
Appathurai posted his comment on his official Facebook page.

22 September '15 15:05
There is increasing disillusion with Europe and NATO - Defense Minister
Georgia has been knocking on NATO’s door for 21 years but it was disappointed at Burcharest summit in 2008 when it was refused a MAP.

22 September '15 15:00
Warsaw summit is of greatest significance – Tina Khidasheli
According to Khidasheli, Warsaw summit is of greatest significance as it coincides with the parliamentary elections in Georgia.

21 September '15 15:09
Pro-Russian media sources are emerging in the Georgian media
Pro-Russian media sources have been emerging in the Georgian media and it is a very alarming trend

17 September '15 15:20
Georgia attends biggest military show in the world
It’s the biggest show of its kind and brings together approximately 32,000 visitors from 121 countries.

:. Articles
04 4 '13
The New Georgian Government and 100 Days of Its Foreign Policy
By Sergi Kapanadze, Ex-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
To summarize what has occurred in one sentence: the new government has maintained the main priorities in foreign policy however it has delayed certain significant processes and decisions. Time and the identities of Georgia’s new ambassadors will show how the recent decision to replace the ambassadors will affect the country’s foreign policy. Let’s analyze this matter topic by topic Full Article 

18 18 '12
The problem of occupied territories in the process of Georgia’s European integration
By Dmitry Mandjavidze
Perhaps, it's time when openness, or so-called transparency, in relation to the public reached its critical point. The critical point, we believe is the line, which is followed by a break of confidentiality of politician’s action, which can be even more dangerous than a lack of transparency. Full Article 

:. Interviews
21 21 '13
Guram Odisharia: We came to build, not ruin
By Nina Akhlouri
We must remember one rule for the future – we must not build anything in rush, nor must we rush to ruin – as happened in the case of the so-called IMELI building on the Rustaveli Avenue. True, it had Soviet symbols in the form of bas-relief, such as stars and things like that… But we should have retained those symbols because that is the history we have passed through. Full Article