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20 20 '13
Receiving the citizenship of the asylum country gives hope to people
Vis-à-vis the situation in Abkhazia, the authorities in control have requested all humanitarian organizations in February 2013 to limit their activities to Gali district. That’s where we are operating with some housing and livelihood projects to support the lives of people who have returned. UNHCR would be ready to assist any person of concern to UNHCR in the same situation, irrespective of their ethnicity or origin Full Article 

21 21 '13
Guram Odisharia: We came to build, not ruin
By Nina Akhlouri
We must remember one rule for the future – we must not build anything in rush, nor must we rush to ruin – as happened in the case of the so-called IMELI building on the Rustaveli Avenue. True, it had Soviet symbols in the form of bas-relief, such as stars and things like that… But we should have retained those symbols because that is the history we have passed through. Full Article 

22 22 '12
Gela Vasadze: Georgians are tired of reforms and of paying taxes
Georgia is open for Russia - the companies operate, investment continues, the Russians will be this year on the first place among tourists. Georgia has done everything that was possible for Russia The rhetoric may change. But in real politics relations between Russia and Georgia have reached a deadlock. Full Article 

09 9 '12
Kakha Bendukidze: Ivanishvili now faces the same problem as Saakashvili did in 2004
By Tamar Chergoleishvili
Former Minister of Economic Development of Georgia Kakha Bendukidze - one of the main ideologists of economic reforms under President Mikheil Saakashvili, about the success of the Georgian economy and about President Saakashvili having shown himself as a true democrat. Full Article 

29 29 '12
Earning billions in Russia - Something about Bidzina!
By Gela Vasadze
Vladimir Ivanidze, is an independent investigative journalist. He works for "Novaia Gazeta" (Russia) and other well-know publications. He gave interview to Gela Vasadze at "Libertarian Radio". The topic of discussion was the leader of the "Georgian Dream" collation Bidzina Ivanishvili - his connections and some details from his Russian activities. Full Article 

24 24 '12
Felgenhauer: Russia-Georgia War Possible within Weeks
Pavel Felgenhauer: As for the Russian-Georgian conflict and its resumption, it is possible right now, in the nearest few weeks. If it does not happen by mid-October, then we can all relax and celebrate the New Year, until the next possibility in late May. Right now, the real threat exists. Full Article 

12 12 '12
Nika Chitadze: Radicalism Remains a Major Problem of Society
By Leila Naroushvili
Election situation in Georgia is heating up. Large number of observers has been registered. Both parties are counting down the days before the October 1 elections. "Georgia Online" offers an interview with the head of the Georgian International Security Research Centre professor Nika Chitadze. Full Article 

03 3 '12
Special Operation and possible consequences for Georgia
By Leila Naroushvili
Russian expert Pavel Felgenhauer: The timeframe for military action has shifted a little bit compared with 2008, as Russia already has a military base in South Caucasus, in the Tskhinvali region - there are stocks of heavy equipment and amunitions, all that is needed for military operations. Therefore, there is no strict dependence on in somewhat bottleneck - the Roki tunnel Full Article 

27 27 '12
Georgia 2.0: People change architecture, architecture changes society
I think that now it is obvious for the reader how interesting it is watch to Georgia with the eyes of its resident, our interlocutor, Micka Macharadze. He works an engineer and has a page on the social network Facebook, which tells about the new architecture of Georgia. We decided to ask him few questions to better understand the nature and effect of the changes that occurred in Georgia. Full Article 

23 23 '12
D. Shashkin: We do not want anything that belongs to others, but we will not give what belongs to us
By Mirian Bokolishvili
Dimitri Shashkin: As long as we have very difficult neighbor who is absolutely unpredictable, our main objective is always to be ready for total defence. We do not want anything that belongs to others, but we will not give what belongs to us Full Article 

:. Latest Headlines
10 June '16 12:21
Rustavi 2 case - the Court of Appeals upheld the decision Urtmelidze
This process had nothing to do with the case of Broadcasting company Rustavi2, Shavgulidze said

31 May '16 20:41
Georgia to be the first invited country to open wine exhibition in Bordeaux Cultural Wine Center
France’s city of Bordeaux declared 2017 as the year of Georgia.

21 May '16 16:22
EUMM Statement on the Incident in Kurcha
EUMM is on the spot monitoring the situation and collecting information and informing EU Institutions and EU Member States

21 May '16 16:18
Government will do everything in order this terrible fact to be fully investigated – Mikheil Janelidze
The EU monitoring mission was involved in the process from the very beginning as well as all international formats

21 May '16 16:17
Name of the Abkhazian «border guard» that killed Georgian citizen revealed
Citizen of Georgia Giga Otkhozoria was killed at Khurcha-Nabakevi border

21 May '16 16:15
U.S. Embassy condemns fatal shooting in the village of Khurcha
The Embassy of United States to Georgia has released a statement responding to the shooting in the village of Khurcha

20 May '16 17:33
Georgian man killed by Russia’s border guards near ABL with Abkhazia
A Georgian citizen has been shot six times and killed by Russia'a border guards patrolling the area between Georgia and breakaway Abkhazia region

23 March '16 16:13
Russian judicial farce reached its climax
Russian judicial farce reached its climax: Nadia Savchenko found guilty on all counts and sentenced to 22 years in prison