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Something has changed in my Georgia

By Masha Grishina

Something has changed in my Georgia. It is not about the change of ministers, the new management of National Bank or new Prosecutor General. Something has changed in the atmosphere of the country, or rather the way I feel the atmosphere in Georgia. ...  Full Article 

Guide: New Georgia – Village of High Technologies

By Lizaveta Tatarnikova

As a result of joint support from the government, various kinds of investments and inspiration of world architects, impressive number of construction sites have appeared, where government buildings are raising quickly, new police stations, customs terminals, projects of large hotel complexes...  Full Article 

:. Society
06 November '15 23:08
Court Wrongly Fires Rustavi-2 Executives - Freedom House
In response to the Tbilisi City Court dismissing the management of television channel Rustavi-2, Freedom House issued the following statement

06 November '15 13:54
General Director of Rustavi-2 evaluates decision made into case of Rustavi 2 as ‘illegal’
According to Gvaramia, the decision serves as the ground of overthrow plotted by the authorities.

06 November '15 13:48
Statement of the Non-Governmental Organizations on the critical developments over Rustavi 2 broadcasting company
This decision destroys editorial independence of Rustavi 2, fundamentally undermines freedom of media, ruins the media pluralism in the country

06 November '15 10:19
Dictatorship has been officially established in Georgia - Rustavi 2 Director General
According to Gvaramia, the decision was taken by Judge Urtmelidze

06 October '15 13:31
World Arm Wrestling Championship: Georgia wins 44 medals
Overall in the team competition Georgia ranked third among 52 participating nations.

01 October '15 18:27
We promise the government they will be shut down prior to Rustavi 2 - Director General
According to him, Kibar Khalvashi is fighting against free media not for his property.

29 September '15 17:40
First woman appointed as governor in Pankisi Gorge
A woman was appointed a governor in one of the villages in Pankisi Gorge

23 September '15 18:42
Patriarch visiting villages near occupation line
The Patriarch arrived in the village of Khurvaleti, which borders the occupied territory

:. Articles
04 4 '13
The New Georgian Government and 100 Days of Its Foreign Policy
By Sergi Kapanadze, Ex-Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia
To summarize what has occurred in one sentence: the new government has maintained the main priorities in foreign policy however it has delayed certain significant processes and decisions. Time and the identities of Georgia’s new ambassadors will show how the recent decision to replace the ambassadors will affect the country’s foreign policy. Let’s analyze this matter topic by topic Full Article 

18 18 '12
The problem of occupied territories in the process of Georgia’s European integration
By Dmitry Mandjavidze
Perhaps, it's time when openness, or so-called transparency, in relation to the public reached its critical point. The critical point, we believe is the line, which is followed by a break of confidentiality of politician’s action, which can be even more dangerous than a lack of transparency. Full Article 

:. Interviews
21 21 '13
Guram Odisharia: We came to build, not ruin
By Nina Akhlouri
We must remember one rule for the future – we must not build anything in rush, nor must we rush to ruin – as happened in the case of the so-called IMELI building on the Rustaveli Avenue. True, it had Soviet symbols in the form of bas-relief, such as stars and things like that… But we should have retained those symbols because that is the history we have passed through. Full Article