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Russian judicial farce reached its climax

Georgia Online
16:13 - 23 March '16

1. Condemning Nadia Savchenko and holding her in custody, the Russian Federation rudely and cynically violates the Minsk agreements and pointedly ignores the appeal of world leaders and the international community

- According to item 5 of the Minsk Protocol and item 6 of the Complex Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk agreements, all the hostages were to be released, including Nadia Savchenko;

- Russia does not take into account also the call of the international community on applying the principle of humanism to Savchenko due to her health and existence of threats to her life;

- The responsibility for the liberation of Nadia Savchenko and other Ukrainian hostages, as well as for the execution of the rest of the Minsk agreements and the achievement of a peaceful settlement lies now entirely with the Russian Federation.

2. The Savchenko’s case definitively demonstrated that in Russia there is no impartial court and justice – there are only hybrid court proceedings as a part of a hybrid war against Ukraine and human values

- Nadia Savchenko has become hostage to Russia's totalitarian regime and its aggressive policy against democratic values;

- Nadia Savchenko kidnapping, her illegal detention, completely fabricated accusations materials and all subsequent judicial farce including permanent violation of procedural rules and the subsequent harsh sentence showed political bias and custom character of the case;

- Nadia Savchenko guilty on all counts, the court confirmed the obvious fact – its complete disregard for the protection provided numerical irrefutable evidence of innocence of the Ukrainian, since confirmation of her abduction from Ukraine and not involved in the death of Russian journalist;

- Reading out the verdict to Nadia Savchenko, the Russian court acted as a tool of the Russian propaganda, using the same notions and signals that are heard daily on Russian TV screens and inciting ethnic hatred;

- A reference to the Kremlin's non-interference in the judicial process is the same lie as its statements about the lack of the Russian troops in Ukraine, no drawing of air strikes against Syrian moderate opposition, and lack of communication with ISIL.

3. With this case Russia has once again discredited itself as a legal state: today there are reined the permissiveness of the ruling elite and the lawlessness of common man, the rule of law is destroyed, the freedom and human rights are abused

- Russia is turned actually into a state, in which a total violation of human rights and freedoms is a part of state policy. Particularly alarming proportions and depth of "crackdown" has become after the return of V. Putin to the presidency in 2012. Influential international human rights organizations (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, etc.) unanimously speak of a significant deterioration in the human rights situation in Russia.

- Adopting by the hands of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation the ruling that the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and the ECHR practice based of its provisions do not abolish the principle of priority of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Moscow has made clear his attitude. Thus, in cases of conflict between the provisions of these documents, Russia assumed the right to refuse enforcement of the ECHR decisions.

4. Ukraine is making every effort to increase pressure on Russia to release Nadia Savchenko
- Ukraine will never recognize any of the councils, nor the so-called verdict that by its absurdity and cruelty demonstrates the return of the Russian justice in the Stalinist period;

- We have activated the best possible tools of politico-diplomatic means for her release, including consolidating our foreign partners and friends for whom the word "fairness," "justice" and "human rights" are the values;

- Exemption of Nadia Savchenko from the Kremlin captivity is a common task for Ukraine and all countries that respect human rights and basic human values.

- During the meetings at the highest level in Normandy format the President of Ukraine has repeatedly raised the issue of dismissal of Nadia and other Ukrainian hostages and was supported by other members of the format. President Putin then said that after the so-called judicial decision will return Nadia Savchenko to Ukraine. Now, it is the time to fulfil that promise.

- In exchange for Nadia, Ukraine is ready to transfer two Russian servicemen detained on Ukraine’s territory for their participation in the armed aggression against Ukraine. The trial of their cases is in the final stage.

- Against all those involved in the persecution of Nadia Savchenko, Oleg Sentsov and other citizens of Ukraine personal sanctions should be imposed –both Ukrainian and international.

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Russian judicial farce reached its climax
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