Georgia: Otar Shamugia meets Georgian Academy, discusses progress in agriculture sector

Tbilisi: Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Otar Shamugia met with members of the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, where they organized a meeting to discuss the progress and development in Georgia agriculture, ongoing projects and challenges in particular directions.

At the meeting, Otar Shamugia noted that agriculture and sectoral development, in general, are unimaginable without scientific research and analysis.

Accordingly, active cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and Agriculture and the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences is important.

“Active involvement of our scientists and the use of their resources in the process of agricultural development is particularly important. Members of the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences have been contributing significantly to the development of Georgia’s agricultural sector over the years. “We are cooperating with the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, scientific circles; also, determining the schemes for their inclusion in specific projects of the ministry,” Otar Shamugia noted.



At the meeting, land consolidation and balance, melioration, food security, citrus and its concentrate production, seed crops development, livestock, subsidies, mechanization, hazardous waste management and many more important issues were discussed.

President of the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guram Alexidze, noted that the Academy of Sciences, within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed with the Ministry, will continue to cooperate actively in different formats.

Taking confident decisions will, on the one hand, promote agricultural development in the country and, on the other hand, strengthen crops which will ultimately impact the country’s economic growth.

First Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture Giorgi Khanishvili, Deputy Solomon Pavliashvili and representatives of the relevant department of the Ministry were present at the Georgian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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