Pakistan’s political analyst Shahzad Chaudhary hails India’s progress as Global Influence

New Delhi, INDIA: India’s rising influence on the global platform was recently appreciated by Pakistan’s leading newspapers, The Pakistan Daily and political analyst, Shahzad Chaudhary of The Express Tribune. As the Pakistani media remarked, India has established its relevance at a global level, not only in terms of size or girth but the impact it has made across the world.

 Shahzad Chaudhary, quoted that Had he been Henry Kissinger, he’d write a treatise ‘On India’, considering the remarkable development of India as a principal player in Asia as well as global platforms.

 It is really commendable on India’s part to overtake the United Kingdom to become the fifth largest economy in the world and is currently pacing ahead to become the third largest economy of the world within the next fifteen years. In comparison, Pakistan has been subsisting on financial assistance from the global community.

Additionally, Shahzad Chaudhary praised the foreign exchange reserves that India holds, amounting to over USD 600 Billion, which is the fourth highest in the world. In comparison, Pakistan’s reserves account for USD 4.5 Billion.

In the wake of the recent floods in Pakistan, the International Community pledged about 8 Billion USD, which served as a great relief for Pakistan, which now looks on to climate-resilient establishments in the country.  

Pakistan has been undergoing the worst crisis since 1971, with considerable political and economic instability that has emerged out of its own political inefficiencies, leading to low international recognition for the country.

Comparing India with China, Chaudhary noted that India’s growth rate in GDP matches the best-performing economies over the last three decades after China. India’s foreign reserves reached 100 billion USD in 2004 from 9.2 Billion USD in 1992.

 The capabilities of the then Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, had pushed the reserves to 252 Billion USD by 2014. Further, PM Narendra Modi has lifted the levels of reserves to 600 billion USD, with GDP sizing over three trillion USD.

Meanwhile, the political instability, stumbling macroeconomic policies, terrorism, corruption and energy crisis has made foreign investors reluctant to invest in Pakistan.

 Despite the launch of FDI-friendly measures, the execution of these policies hadn’t been significant due to red-tapism, Bureaucratic lethargy, corruption and extremism.

India’s ranked amongst the leading producers in agri-products, with yields equivalent to the best in the world, and the IT industry as well. Despite the humongous population of 1.4 billion. 

The country has managed to remain relatively steady, coherent and functional polity. While Pakistan’s functional polity hasn’t been the recipient of accolades.

Considering these factors, Saudi Arabia, which is considered Pakistan’s fraternal brother, has invested a sum of 72 Billion USD in India, while the 7 billion USD promised for Pakistan is yet to be delivered.

Further, India has been invited to G7 and is a member of G20, which it is heading this year. India sets its own domain on foreign policy front and upholds it fast in its execution. India is the only nation to carry on to trade freely, Russian oil, which is the result of its outstanding diplomatic intelligence.


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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