Gilgit-Baltistan protestors seek to unite with India; claim Reports

New Delhi, India: The Government of Pakistan has yet another challenge to face as the protestors in Gilgit-Baltistan have been continuously demanding to be united with India. The social unrest has become a major concern for Pakistan, as the chaos continues to grow with every passing day, as claimed by the reports from Islam Khabar.

With an aim to suppress the protests, the mainstream media of Pakistan has completely sidelined the crucial matter. Despite all these efforts, the protest has been going on in full swing. As per reports, all provinces of Pakistan, except Punjab, have demanded separation from Pakistan at some point in time.

 But this is for the first time that demands for unification with India have come up from the Gilgit-Baltistan protestors, which has aggravated the concerns of the Pakistani Government.

Additionally, the videos of the protests have been circulating all over social media platforms, in which they can be seen criticising the Government of Pakistan and demanding their region to be annexed by Kargil, which lies in the Ladakh region of India.

As per Islam Khabar, the ongoing issues can prove detrimental to Pakistan’s narrative on the Kashmir dispute with India.

As of now, India hasn’t officially responded on the matter; however, India citing these protests on international platforms would not be something really surprising for Pakistan.

 It is noteworthy India hasn’t ever stumbled from its stance of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir being an integral part of its territory.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has been seeking to set Jammu and Kashmir free from Indian control, having India blamed for human atrocities in these disputed areas.

The Indian Government, social activists and media have always raised concerns over the issues in Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir, including the protests over military oppression, lack of basic rights, inflation, unemployment rates and unsustainable exploitation of resources, stated Islam Khabar reports.


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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