Ozurgeti City Hall to launch two-day campaign

The administration of the Ozurgeti City Hall on Sunday announced the schedule for the two-day campaign. This two-day campaign will be held on the burning topic of “violence against Women ”.

The two-day campaign will be organised on Monday, 27 November and Thursday, 28 November 2023. This two-day campaign is part of a series of events that are being organised within the framework of the Sixteen Day campaign on violence against women.

It is to be specifically to mention that Georgia has already announced hold event as part of the Sixteen Day campaign. This 16-day campaign is the international level drive to prevent violence against women.

This international campaign was launched in the year of 1991. Moreover, this campaign is being organised in almost 187 countries. At least 5000 organisations are part of this international drive.

As per the schedule on the first day of the campaign, means on 27 November, the session will be held at village Ozurgeti, the centre of Culture and Student Youth. The theme of the session will be “Fight For Equality: Historical and Modern Aspects of women’s rights”.

Moreover, on the Second day of the session, it will be held at Ozurgeti Technopark; here, a public lecture will be delivered by the key speaker. Here, the session will be held under the theme “cyber violence”.

The administration also said that this two-day session is a reflection of the commitment towards the eradication of violence on women.

Notably, as per the recent Data released by the Ministry concerned, Domestic violence is still a big problem being faced by women.

Ministry data shows that there is a rapid rise in cases of Domestic violence. However, most numbers of a victim of Domestic Violence are still women.

Many non-profit organisations also launched special campaigns and drives under this sixteen-day campaign to make the country more stable and safe for women citizens. A heavy number of restraint orders were also passed in the last nine months of this year.

These restraint orders were aimed at preventing the accused from committing atrocities against the Georgian women.
Many peoples of the locality expressed happiness that these seminar will bring positive results in the future.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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