Georgia: Prosecution office to appeal against Bail Order

The Georgian Prosecution office decided to appeal against the order of a Tbilisi civil court. The civil court has ordered the release of an accused on bail. The accused was charged with various offences, including gender bias, discrimination, beating, threatening, as well as illegal Purchase of Narcotics. The prosecution office will request the honourable higher court to cancel the bail order.

As per the information revealed by the prosecution office On their social media handle, the Prosecution Service of Georgia stated “investigation was conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia; it was found that on November 25, in Tbilisi, while driving by car, K. A. -M to the woman with him -T. A. He hit the knife edge in his leg as well as hit his hand Multiple times as a result of the mentioned, t.A. He has sustained physical pain and bodily injuries. Moreover, the accused demonstrated a knife, threatened the victim to cause bodily harm and stabbed him with an open knife two times. While walking on Kakheti highway, near the building of the MIA Patrol Police Department, the victim saw and stopped the patrol police car, which was in the defendant’s car. Then A. -M opened the door and called the police for help. The police pursued the accused, stopped the car and instructed the victim, K. A. He was arrested on the spot by enforcement agencies”.

It has been established by the investigation that K. A. He illegally purchased and kept the drug, namely Alpha-PVP, contained in two polyethylene-locked packs, with a total weight of 1.28 grams.

Law enforcers arrested the accused on the same day of the crime. He was charged under Article 126 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (Article 126 Relates to beatings on the basis of gender discrimination, which caused physical pain to the victim of crime), also charged with Article 151 first (threatening of health harm on the basis of Gender discrimination) and Article 260 first (for illegal purchase, possession of drugs).

Prosecutor’s Office addressed the Tbilisi Civil Court to validate the arrest. However, the court granted the defendant 10.000 GEL bail as a measure of aggravation. The Prosecutor’s Office will appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal within the time limit set by Georgian Law.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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