Prosecution services of Georgia organise training program on Human Trafficking

Tbilisi: A very significant event was held under the Patronage of Prosecution Services of Georgia Office. This was a training program to train the participants to enhance the cooperation for the prevention of Human trafficking.

A number of programs were organised under the framework of the event. The theme of this event was “The fight against human trafficking: sustainability of cooperation between different agencies of Georgia through the implementation of National Simulation training”.

Attendees of the meeting included prosecutors, investigators, representatives of various law enforcement agencies as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs). These all are actively participating in the fight against human trafficking and the protection of trafficking survivors.

The other objective of this national simulation training was to boost the skills of practitioners who are involved in the field of human trafficking. The meeting also stressed the adoption of a victim-oriented approach and the implementation of inter-agency coordination and cooperation. This coordination and cooperation among various agencies will ultimately contribute to the effective implementation of the justice delivery system for victims of Human trafficking.

It is to be added that the problem of Human trafficking has become very serious in the present scenario. Many regional conflicts in developed and least developed along with developing countries have caused wide-scale migration. when victims of conflict zones do not have the proper platform for migration to the safest places, they become victims at the hands of Human Traffickers.

Every year, lakhs of people take illegal and risky routes to reach the safest places in other countries. Head of Human Trafficking Groups forced these helpless people to take the risky route of sea, land, etc.

It is worth mentioning that a huge number of people lost their lives during these dangerous journeys. At the international level, many Human rights organisations are already launched number of Events to Spread awareness of the illegal way of migration at the hands of Human traffickers.

Key speakers of the seminar encourage members of different participating agencies to enhance mutual cooperation and coordination so that this global issue can be tackled effectively.

Agencies were also advised by the speakers to share information and technical expertise with each other. This shared information can be utilised by all agencies to implement the legal provisions against the accused of human trafficking.

This was also agreed that the cooperation of the national agencies and international agencies is need of the hour.At the last Guest were also honoured by the organisers of this training seminar.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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