Tea Akhvlediani criticise occupational Forces for Human Rights violation

Tbilisi: Tea Akhvlediani the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality of Georgia, criticised the forces of occupational authorities for grave violation of Human rights. She said it is alarming to see the cruel face of illegal occupation along with the denial of fundamental human rights violations.

She said a significant challenge posed the negligence of human safety and freedom by the occupation forces, including the illegal detention of Georgian citizens. At present, nine Georgian citizens are in illegal detention in Sokhumi and Tskhinvali prisons.

It is especially alarming when the cruel face of illegal occupation comes to the violation of a fundamental human right. On November six the most serious fact of the murder of Tamaz Ginturi by the representatives of the occupation forces became another frightening manifestation of illegal occupation.

She added, “I would like to highlight that the Russian occupation forces have full responsible for violations of human rights in the occupied territories of Georgia”.

Minister further added, “ On our part all the relevant state agencies of Georgia within the scope of their competence and in close coordination with international partners are making a joint effort by using all the formal or informal instruments to secure the release of the citizens illegally detained.

Minister highlights the murder in Gali and states, “ I would like to respond to the fact of the murder of Temur Karbaia in the occupied Gali district. First of all, I would like to express my condolences to the family and emphasise that the State Security Service immediately activated the hotline under the supervision of the European Union Monitoring Mission, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs has opened a criminal case under the Article 108 of deliberate murder and the investigation has begun.

She said the violation of human rights by the forces of occupational is one of the biggest challenges. While assuring the family member of the killed person, she said that all the responsible agencies in Georgia are working actively to bring the accused to justice.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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