Rustavi City court sentence one to life imprisonment

Rustavi: In an important decision the Rustavi city court has sentenced one person for the murder of his wife. The court has fully accepted the evidence provided by the prosecutor’s office after the in-depth examination.

The murder took place last year in Bolnisi. The Rustavi City Court fully accepted the evidence presented by the prosecutor’s office and found the defendant guilty of the intentional murder of his wife. The court termed this as a special crime under extreme circumstances with cruelty based on gender in Bolnisi.

The evidence in this regard were presented by the prosecution office of Georgia. All the evidence was examined during the trial. The details examination of these evidence has proved that on September 26, 2023 in Bolnisi the accused person on the grounds of intolerance based on gender committed the heinous crime

He commited murdered out of jealousy and revenge by inflicting multiple wounds with a knife on his wife in the presence of their minor children. As a result of the injuries the victim (wife of the accused)died on the spot.

On the other hand the law enforcement officers arrested the accused on September 30 few days after the crime. He was charged with subsections “h” “k” and “m” of Article 11 Prima and Article 109 of the Georgian criminal laws. This section defines the punishment for gender-related crime and also provides strict penalties for special cruelty and intentional killing of a family member.

The court found the accused guilty of the charge and imposed life imprisonment as a measure of punishment. The representative of the prosecutor’s office also said that they fully agreed with the decision of the honorable court of law. Moreover this exemplary punishment will be a strict lesson for all.

It was also to be added that Gender-based violence is still the biggest problem. The recent data released by some government agencies made it clear that women are still the most vulnerable section of the society and biggest victims of gender-related crime as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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