Personal data protection service forward ten reports for legal action

Tbilisi: The employees of personal data protection services forwarded the ten cases to the law enforcement agencies for legal action. The agency forwarded these cases out of 70 reported cases due to suspicion of cybercrime.

The Personal Data Protection Service has received almost  70 reports. According to the reports, people received phone calls from Georgian and other international numbers. The callers used abusive and threatening language against the receiver. The service, after a preliminary investigation  forwards the case to the concerned law enforcement department for action.

The unknown callers used “hateful and abusive” language towards the receiver regarding the controversy on foreign influence law and the ongoing protest in front of the Georgian parliament in the capital Tbilisi.

The Service while sharing information  said that we are taking all necessary legal measures over these reports by the citizens. Moreover  we are trying to contact the relevant individuals to gather more information to extract the truth behind the scenes.

The data protection service also contacted mobile communication operators to collect information regarding the owners of specific telephone numbers and on which numbers they communicated with these alleged numbers.

Meanwhile the service addresses the issues surrounding the processing of special categories of data as stipulated in the recently adopted controversial law on the transparency of foreign influence. The service makes it clear that data processing is permissible only when “directly and specifically” regulated by the law and when “deemed necessary and proportionate in a democratic society.

At the same time, the Service recommended that future sub-legislative acts should “explicitly detail the necessity and scope of personal data processing to avoid any untoward controversy.”

The Service  stressed the importance of personal privacy and protecting the right to personal data as fundamental values in a democratic society. The service employees further emphasized that safeguarding basic human rights and freedoms including the right to personal and family life, personal space, and communication  is crucial in any process involving personal data processing.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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