Georgia: Ilia Darchiashvili takes part in meeting of EU enlargement

The Foreign Minister of Georgia, “Ilia Darchiashvili”, took part in the meeting of the European Union enlargement working group within the framework of the conference in Berlin.

The Foreign ministers of Latvia, Sweden, Austria, Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Hungary, and Albania attended the meeting.

The Minister spoke about Georgia’s integration process in the European Union and the implementation of European Commission recommendations.

Ilia Darchiashvili introduced the participants to the reforms and the results achieved by the Georgian side. He expressed the hope that the efforts of the European partners will be reflected in the relevant decision regarding the candidate status.

He talked about Georgia’s European integration process, the implementation of 12 points and the country’s expectations regarding candidate status.

“It was a very important day in Berlin. My participation in this conference and being the main speaker in one of the roundtable formats confirms that Georgia has an important role in the expansion policy seen from the prism of Germany. We are pleased that Germany has become one of the main supporting countries, which makes us even more optimistic about candidate status for our country and European future”, the Minister stated in Berlin during the evaluation of participation in the conference on the EU enlargement.

According to the minister, Germany must become one of the leading countries that actively talks about Georgia’s European future and perspective.

In addition, the head of Foreign Affairs said that the country is in a very important phase and is waiting for the conclusion of the European Commission.

The Minister also said, “We are entering a very important phase. Next week, we are already waiting for the conclusion of the European Commission, which will be the ticket to the decision of the European Council in December. “

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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