Georgian Minister Darchiashvili commends decision of European Commission

The Georgian Minister ilia Darchiashvili commended the decision of the European Commission on recommending the status of candidate for Georgia. Their efforts to join the European Union have taken an even more irreversible face and he would like to congratulate all citizens of Georgia.

He also wanted to thank the Diplomatic Corps of Georgia, his colleagues, all public servants, without whose daily, hard work this goal could not be fulfilled.

This decision is a historical breakthrough in the country’s integration into the EU!

With this recommendation, a solid foundation was created for Georgia to officially become a candidate country for membership in the European Union at the end of the year.

Last year, by giving Georgia a European perspective, 27 EU countries unanimously stated that Georgia’s place is in Europe and the EU. This geopolitical merit-based decision laid an important foundation for further strengthening Georgia as a European, democratic and Free State.

The report is based on the implementation of 12 recommendations of the European Commission. The European Commission has properly evaluated the work done by Georgia in implementing the recommendations and the maximum efforts made by our government to achieve this progress.

Please remind you, the way to join the European Union is a complex and long process.

This is a merit based process, first and foremost. Georgia, with consistent steps, will complete the process of approaching the European Union – until reaching full membership of the European Union.

Today’s decision of the European Commission is a response to the European elections of the country, which has successfully passed the path of democratic transformation and getting closer to the European institutions!

On the European choice, which is not only a political, but a civilized choice, which is the national interest of our country and the long-term goal of our ancestors. This is a response to the firm will of the Georgian government to do everything for the European integration of the country, as it is written in the country’s supreme law – Constitution.

The minister says, “Today Georgia opened a window of important opportunities. We will definitely use these opportunities, Georgia will definitely establish a dignified place on the European political map. Our country with its history, values, support of Georgian people definitely deserves to be in the European family!”

He also says, “Congratulations on the European Commission’s recommendation on granting Georgia a candidate status! Today, our path to the European Union has become even more irreversible, and I would like to congratulate our people on this important achievement. I would also like to thank the Georgian diplomatic corps of Georgia, my colleagues, all civil servants – without their dedicated and selfless work, this goal could hardly be achieved.”

This recommendation marks a historic milestone in our pursuit of EU integration path!

It forms a solid basis for Georgia to officially become a candidate for EU membership by the end of the year.

By granting Georgia a European perspective last year, 27 member states of the European Union unanimously acknowledged that Georgia’s place is among the European nations, and in the European Union.

The decision opens up a window of important opportunities for Georgia. They will definitely use these opportunities, Georgia will definitely take its rightful place on the European political map. With its history and values, and with the support of the Georgian people, their country definitely deserves to be part of the European family!


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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