Adjara Health Ministry Exceeds Expectations: 96.1% Budget Execution Achieved in 3rd Quarter

The third Quarter of the Adjara Ministry of Health and Social Welfare budget was completed with 96.1%. Minister Nino Nirharadze presented the report of the Ministry’s activities for the past nine months at the Health and Social Affairs Committee meeting of the Adjara A/R High Council.

The Ministry’s budget for the current year is 40 035 000 GEL. During the last III Quarter 32, 340 025 GEL was distributed in health and social protection, public health care and employment promotion. Fifty-three thousand nine hundred eighty-one beneficiaries benefited from the Ministry’s programs.

The minister also spoke at the meeting about the updates planned for 2024. Next year, the combined budget of the Ministry will increase by 11 220 000 GEL compared to the current year’s budget and will be 51 255 000 GEL, an increase of 21.9%.

The budget of almost every program is increasing, and the list of beneficiaries is expanding.

7 000 000 million GEL are allocated within the framework of the individual medical assistance program, which covers organ transplantations and expensive medicines; within the same program, it is planned to finance the treatment of some autoimmune diseases and abnormal amino acids metabolism disorders with high effective medicines” – said the Minister, Nino Nizharadze M.

Beneficiaries and staff from preschool and general education institutions will be added to the Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment Program. The budget for the additional medical service program for patients with cancer will increase by 30%.

Treating severe cataract diseases with a new generation of antiangiogenic drugs will be fully funded for all patients.

5 615 000 GEL will be allocated for the medical and social rehabilitation of children and adults, and the provision of assisted facilities for persons with disabilities and the elderly is 928 000 GEL. 34.2% and 5 016 840 Gel will be the budget of the Housing Provision Program.

Also, in 2024, the supplement of rural doctors and nurses will increase. According to the plan, the Ministry of Health of Adjara will allocate 400 GEL as a supplement to doctors and 250 GEL to nurses. The supplement will be issued in parallel with the state program. In total, 107 doctors and 110 nurses will receive the supplement.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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