Shida Kartli region celebrates its public servants

Georgia: The State Commissioner of Shida Kartli, Mikheil Shakulashvili, hosted an award ceremony for the municipality and regional administration employees to recognize their work and contribution to the region’s development. 

The event was held in the Northern Administration, the region’s administrative centre, and was attended by the Deputy Commissioner, mayors of municipalities, chairpersons of city councils and partner donor organizations.

Shakulashvili summarized the one-year activities of the regional administration and the Kaspi, Gori, Kareli and Khashuri municipalities. He highlighted the successful projects implemented in the region, such as infrastructure development, social welfare, education, health, agriculture, tourism and culture. He also noted that the Shida Kartli region is advanced throughout Georgia according to the projects implemented.

In addition, he emphasized the achievements of 2023 and congratulated Georgia on granting EU candidate status, which the European Commission recommended on November 8, 2023. 

The EU candidate status is a significant step for Georgia’s integration into the European Union, supported by most Georgian people and political parties.

Later, 42 public servants were awarded for their work by their colleagues and the regional and municipal authorities. The award recipients were from each service of the Northern Administration, Kaspi, Gori, Kareli and Khashuri municipalities. They received certificates of appreciation and gifts for their selfless and kind service.

“Thank you to every public servant who serves selflessly and kindly daily for the development of our region and the state in general,” Shakulashvili said in his speech. “You have a great responsibility to the country and our population. Your support is one of our government’s top priorities. We aim to provide you with good working conditions and decent wages, and most importantly, your work is appreciated. I want to thank each of you sincerely for your service. There are several important plans or jobs ahead, which we will implement together with united forces.”

The award ceremony was a festive and joyful occasion for the public servants and their families, who expressed gratitude and pride for their work and achievements. 

The event also showcased the spirit of cooperation and solidarity among the regional and municipal authorities and the partner donor organizations, who pledged to continue supporting and collaborating to develop the GeShida Kartli region and Georgia.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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