Ozurgeti Municipality announce winner of essay competition

The winner of the essay contest were announced by the Ozurgeti Municipality in a impressive ceremony. The essay contest was held under the theme “Georgia-Tolerant nation”.

Organised by Ozurgeti Municipality City Hall, a large number of students participated in this essay competition. These students belong to 9th to 12th standard classes. Moreover, schools in the public and private sectors were open to participants in this essay competition.

The competition commission has announced the first three toppers. first place was secured by Nini Chitaishvili, a student of the village creator’s public school, and second place was gained by Tsitsino Soeselia, who was a student of Vilage Vakijvari. Elene Lominade stood third in this competition; Elene Lominade is a student of the Parish School of Patriarchate.

At the honour ceremony mayor of the Ozurgeti, Natia Goliandze was present. The mayor awarded the winning student with medals as well as with gifts. As the theme of the competition suggested, the main objective of the competition was to encourage young students to display their creative skills. It also aims to motivate young people for extraordinary activities along with their academic studies.

The award ceremony took place at the school premises. Students who won the medals and gifts were dressed beautifully. Students were very happy to receive the honour and thanked the organiser of the school for recognising their skills with gifts and medals.

Students also receive the certificate for participation. Parents of some of the students were present on this special and historic occasion.

At the end of the event organiser of the event and mayor captured this moment in photograph clicked by staffer of the school.
It is to be specifically mentioned that this kind of competition or cocurricular activities are very important. Besides academic study cocurricular activities play a significant role in uplifting confidence among their student.

In the life student only academic study is not sufficient. Many scientific researces and educationalists opined that schools must provide students with opportunities to display their hidden talents. Moreover, students can also learn to socialise by participating in this competition.

Winner students, while expressing their gratitude, said that this competition was a unique and wonderful experience for them. They also expressed hopes that school administration will continue to organise these types of competitions in future as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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