Georgia: PM Irakli Gharibashvili and Education Minister explains education sector reforms

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili along with Minister of Education and Science Giorgi Amilakhvar, held a presentation on reform general education. During this presentation both leaders introduced the public to the main directions and key issues of the Education sector of the Country.

During the presentation, the Education Minister focused on the national goals of general education and noted that the Ministry had started active work on renewing the national plans for the education of the Country. As per him national goals will aimed at strengthening national identity among students, promoting healthy values formation and raising the awareness of teenagers in terms of patriotism, Georgian traditions, culture and family values.

Giorgi Amilakhvar also stated that within the framework of the reform a special emphasis is focused on promoting the professional development of teachers. The Ministry with the involvement of all stakeholders, continues to work on improving the teachers’ professional development scheme.

Speaking on teacher support the education minister emphasised the issue of an increase in teachers’ salaries. According to him, the education budget for 2024 was determined by 2 billion 508 million GEL. From this amount, 160 million will be used to increase teachers’ salaries. From July 1, 2024 under full work conditions the wages of all teachers, regardless of status, will increase by an average of 500 GEL or more.

During this presentation on the reform of the level of general education Giorgi Amilakhvar also stated that work on institutional strengthening of schools has already begun. Under these reforms delegating certain issues and powers to schools, allowing them to make specific decisions on their own, autonomous, spot-on will be allowed.

Adddtionally minister spoke about the competition of public school directors. New principals were elected by boards of trustees in 840 schools, but there are schools where the competition failed due to a lack of candidates. In the near future, there will be a new competition in the remaining schools for public school directors, in which all candidates will be allowed to participate, both certified candidates and existing certified candidates.

It is specifically to be mentioned that within the framework of the reform there is intensive work on improving the national education system. In addition to the basic, compulsory for all, integrated vocational programs, humanities, and natural sciences will also be offered.

Giorgi Amilakhvar specifically mentioned that the promotion of the development of school infrastructure is the main priority and noted that in order to provide better educational infrastructure throughout the Country.

According to the education Minister there is planned to start construction of 75 public schools in early 2024 for which an amount of 700.0 million GEL will be spent.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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