Georgian Education Minister attends conference on English

Georgian Education Minister attends conference on English

Giorgi Amilakhvar, Georgian Minister of Education and Science, participated in the conference on english. Conference was held on the theme…

18 hours ago

Presentation of “Tiger” publishes in Braille

 The Center of Culture, Education and Sports of the Union of the Blind of Georgia published "Vepkhiskhaosani" in Braille font…

1 day ago

Georgia: Edu. Minister attends 6th Summit of European Education

Giorgi Amilakhvari, The Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Georgia, attended the 6th Summit of European Education.

2 days ago

Georgia: Education Minister apprise MPs on various projects

Giorgi Amilakhvar, The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia apprised the Georgian MPs about the various projects and politics…

4 days ago

CIU: Students meet officials of the Internal Affairs Ministry

students of the Caucasus International University met representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia to discuss Gender Equality…

4 days ago

DFG delegates Visit Georgian National Academy of Science

The Delegation of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, a German Research Foundation) Visited the National Academy of Science of Georgia with aim…

5 days ago

Georgia: FM Briefs on Draft Budget

Lasha Khutsishvili, The Finance Minister of Georgia, Spoke about the Final parameters of the Draft Budget after the Session of…

5 days ago

Georgia: Giorgi Amilakhvar meets Hasan Hasanli

Gorgian Minister of Education and Science Giorgi Amilakhvar discussed many with Hasan Hasanli the Deputy Minister of Science and Education…

6 days ago

UN Women Georgia held a seminar on Women, Peace, Security

Tbilisi: UN Women Georgia holds a seminar on the topic of Women, Peace, and Security. Kaori Ishikawa opened the event…

6 days ago

Ozurgeti City Hall to launch two-day campaign

The administration of the Ozurgeti City Hall on Sunday announced the schedule for the two-day campaign on Violence Against the…

6 days ago