New Square comes in Ghreli village of Akhaltsikhe

As the administration of the Akhaltsikhe is undertaking many projects for better civic amenities for the residents of the area, a new square has been established in the Ghreli Village under the jurisdiction of Akhaltsikhe.

The Akhaltsikhe adminstraion took to their social media handle and informed about this development project. On social media the handle administration stated that “ Works of setting up a new square in the village Ghreli of Akhaltsikhe Municipality have been completed. Within the framework of the project, a children’s entertainment playground was arranged, a lighting system was installed, and chairs were placed in the area. The works were financed by money allocated from the local budget”.

The whole rehabilitation work was got completed with the financial aid provided by Local Budget as per the information made available by the district administrations.

With the installation of the new swings and slides, the square was looking very beautiful. There were the blue and orange colours of the Swings and slide as well. The floor of the square was beautifully decorated with colourful tiles of blue and red colour.

It is to be specifically mentioned that this was a long pending demand of the local residents. The administration of the district has already provided many such facilities in a number of villages of the district.

The residents of the area have been raising this demand for a long time, and finally, this has been fulfilled with the setting up of this square.

Many children were playing in the square with their friends. The administration also stated that with the aim to provide the best civic amenities, more such a square will be established with financial assistance from the local budget.

The square and parks are essential for recreational activities. All the well-developed areas and newly raised areas have the facilities of these parks and squares. Children who were playing at the park were very happy and thanked the authorities of the District.

At the same time, the local residents of the Akhaltsikhe Said that they are very thankful to the Akhaltsikhe district administration and demanded more such facilities in another part of the district.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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