Tbilisi Cinema hosts premiere of movie “Sokhumi-Tbilisi-Sydney”

Tbilisi, Georgia: The movie premiere is dedicated to the legendary Olympic champion Victor Sanev—”Sokhumi-Tbilisi-Sydney” in the cinema house.

The premiere of the International Film Festival Laureate, filmmaker Gogi Toradze’s TV feature-documentary film “Sokhumi-Tbilisi-Sydney”, dedicated to the legendary fighter, three-time Olympic champion, and best athlete of the 20th century of Georgia Victor Sanev, was held in Tbilisi Cinema House. 

The movie was shot with the order and support of the National Olympic Committee of Georgia. The scriptwriter and director are Gogi Toradze, Consultant-Georgia Honored Journalist, and Tengiz Pachkoria, Vice President of the Association of Sports Journalists of Georgia.

The film’s premiere was attended by SEOK leaders and members of the executive committee, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia and the Weightlifting Federation, Olympic champions and prize winners, veteran and active weightlifting athletes, other guests and media representatives.

SEOC President Larry Khabelov addressed the audience with a welcome speech: “It was our wish to once again pay tribute to the legendary Victor Saneev, who spent an important part of his life in Australia with this film.” Despite such a distance, Seok has never cut ties with Mr. Victor. He was a great sportsman and a great person, a true patriot of our country. “

On behalf of the creative team working on the film, director Gogi Toradze thanked SEOK and its president, Leri Khabelov, the Georgian Embassy in Australia, and Viktor Saneev’s family members living in Sydney for their support.

Viktor Sanev was born on October 3, 1945, in Sokhumi in 1972 and has lived in Tbilisi since 1991 with his family in Australia.

Victor Saneev was recognized as one of the strongest athletes of all time. He was inducted into the International Endurance Federation’s Hall of Fame.

He passed away on January 2, 2022 in Sydney. He is buried right there.


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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