Project “Students Together for Greeness” at STU

Tbilisi: The Technical University Of Georgia(STU) launched a new project under the name “Students Together for Greenness”. This project has been started with an aim to Enhance the awareness of Environmental Friendly practices. This was started with the active support of the University Reactor, Academician Davit Gurgenidze, etc.

It is to be specifically mentioned that under the framework of the project, the first event was organised in the square between the third and fourth educational buildings of STU Georgian Technical University. Here, with the involvement of the Saburtalo district administration, students planted amber and sophora trees and cleaned the area of the Locality.

According to Davit Leshkasheli, president of the Self-Government of the Technical University of Georgia, the Project – “Students Together for Greenness” has started at the Technical University of Georgia(STU), and the baton will be handed over to the students of the Tbilisi State Medical Universit.

As per the university administration, the campaign “Students Together for Greenness”, which was started by the organisation of the student self-government of the Technical University of Georgia, will not have a one-time character.

This is our students effort to protect nature. All accredited universities in Georgia will be involved in the project, so much so that it is a kind of challenge for the environment and atmosphere. I would like to thank the Rector of the Technical University of Georgia(STU), Academician Davit Gurgenidze, for his support.

Davit Leshkasheli further Said that we would like to Thank the governor of Tbilisi Saburtalo district, Mr. Gizo Vasadze, who happily joined the project and gave us amber and sophora seedlings. Also, thanks to the Association of Student Organizations of Georgia (SOA) for their support.

At the same time, the Rector of the Technical University of Georgia, Academician Davit Gurgenidze, the new project of the student self-government, laid the foundation for a new environmental campaign, within the framework of which many events are planned.

Davit Gurgenidze, said that “I want to thank our students, for starting a new project. Nature protection, care, and development are some of our main goals, and when the president of the Technical University of Georgia voiced the initiative, of course, we supported it with great joy. Thanks to the Saburtalo District Governor, Mr. Gizo, for supporting the students. I want to wish progress and success to the students”.

Saburtalo district governor also thanked the rector and students for organising an interesting project. As Gizo Vasadze mentioned, the board is ready to support students in such interesting projects in the future as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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