Georgian Economy minister attends World Governments Summit at Dubai

Dubai: Levan Davitashvili,  the Georgian Economy Minister visited Dubai and participated in the world government summit. He highlighted the effort of his government in implementing the sustainable development goals.

Speaking further on the occasion the Georgian Minister said, “ Georgia was among the first few countries to join the 2015 UN General Assembly resolution on sustainable transformation”. He also added that work is already underway to implement the SDGs (Sustainable development goals) in Georgia.

He stated that his country has started an intensive process of incorporating the Sustainable Development Goals into national goals and making them an integral part of policies aligned with the country’s strategic priorities.

According to him, the country’s goals and objectives have been set to take into account the national context, challenges, and opportunities. Minister said that Georgia is very firm in implementing the Sustainable development goals as soon as possible with consistent efforts.

He further stated that for the SDGs purpose in 2021 a plan at the local level was developed. Furthermore Pilot programmes for the implementation of the plan have already started and five large cities in the countries have been selected for the initial stage.

It is to be added that at present 32 municipalities are already involved in the process. The goal of the Government of Georgia is to localise sustainable development goals in all 64 municipalities by the year 2025 which will contribute to achieving the goals set for 2030.

Georgia is very sensitive to the impacts of climate change due to its unique geographical location and diverse economy. Thus cooperation with other nations is a necessity. 

Davitashvili also said that in recent years, Georgia had made vital and important progress for inclusive access to “economic opportunities” “structural improvement” of the economy, and strengthening of “social security”networks as well.

As per the economic expert Georgia’s economy has proven resilient against past economic crises and has further maintained macroeconomic stability along with short-term measures which have created strong economic foundations for achieving long-term development goals. 

The summit at the Dubai will held till Wednesday and the theme of the summit is “Shaping Future Governments” It involves governments, international organisations and the private sector from around the world to bring them all under a single platform to discuss the various issues related to Susutaibale Developement Goals.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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