Environment law will be more strict:  Nino Tandilashvili

Nino Tandilashvili the First Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture proposed new changes to the legal provision related to environment law. As per the new proposal, the law related to the environment will be stricter to safeguard the environmental interest of the country.

The deputy minister apprised me of these new chanegs at the meeting of the committees of Agrarian Issues and Environmental Protection and Natural Resources. According to the First Deputy Minister, the new changes will provide for strict sanctions for pollution of the Black Sea.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the penalty has been increased from 65,000 GEL  to 100,000 GEL. Additionally, the sale and turning of the electric shock device is punishable and in this direction, heavy penalties will be imposed.

Nino Tandilashvili speaking specifically stated “Sea pollution hurts biodiversity.  We need to protect our biodiversity at every cost.  European Union countries have quite high penalties for sea pollution, therefore this change is also recommended by the EU (European Union)”.

It is all to be specifically mentioned that according to some new legislative changes, any unlawful purchase, storage, driving, transmission, or disruption of a fish-trailer electric shock device will lead to a fine of 1000 GEL, It will also lead to confiscation of a weapon and in case of repetition will lead to a penalty of 2000 GEL for confiscation of weapons.

As per more information, the manufacturing of fishing electric weapons, purchase, storage, carry, transport-transport, shipping, and the key will lead to a fine of 3000 GEL with confiscation of weapons. As per the other provisions in case of repetition, the accused will lead a penalty of 6000 GEL with the confiscation of a weapon of offense.

Notably, the changes were discussed and supported by the committees of Agrarian Issues and Environmental Protection and Natural Resources at the first hearing.

The ministry also provide information in this regard on their Facebook page. Meanwhile, social media users also appreciated the move and gave their reactions.

One user stated that “Those devices that are controlled by the environment, ban them. What is the difficulty of adding those two words to the law when the realization of domestic networks should be banned”.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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