Ilia State University to hold spring school in May

Tbilisi: The Ilia State University of Georgia has announced to hold a spring school. The Spring school will be held from May 9 to 12, 2024 on the topic of “Man and his environment – from the Earth to the stars”.

The Department of Student Affairs of Ilia State University will hold this spring school. The school will be for the students of the physics, ecology, and earth sciences bachelor programs of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine.

The organizers of the group said that the main goal of the school is to provide students of science stream with an interdisciplinary view of the formation and change of the environment. They will also come to know the connection between different branches of natural sciences.

Additionally, the school will allow students to develop practical skills. This practical skill will be necessary for multidisciplinary study of the environment along with theoretical knowledge.

It is noteworthy that the lectures, seminars, and workshops along with the field and practical work using appropriate equipment (telescope, microscope, drones) will be held for those who will participate in this school.

The students will also get an opportunity to learn about current problems and global trends in natural sciences. The Professors and researchers of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine of Ilia State University will deliver the lecture at this school.

A motivational essay will be uploaded by the intrested students to participate . Moreover they have to register on the link where they will write a 300-word essay on the topic “How environment affects us and how we affect the environment”. In the next stage the participants will be selected by evaluating their performance in essay writing.

To register for school the student can visit the link: https://shorturl.at/uzU56. The last day for the registration is April 28, 2024. This will be held at Ilia State University’s Stepantsminda research base.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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