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Due to a shortage of orders, Gazprom has not scheduled any pumping via Yamal-Europe

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According to information provided by the gas transport operator Gascade, reverse gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline from Germany to Poland have continued for ten days despite Gazprom’s inability to book capacity to pump gas directly to Germany due to a lack of purchase orders from European clients.

Gazprom did not book capacity for natural gas transportation via Poland via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline for Tuesday at a day-ahead auction the day before. This evening, the business did not use the opportunity to order pumping for Tuesday at an intraday auction. As a result, for the tenth day in a row, the holding has decided not to schedule pumping via pipeline for the following 24 hours.


Gazprom began lowering gas transit bookings via Yamal-Europe two weeks ago, and as of December 20, it has not booked any capacities to pump gas through this pipeline. As a result, beginning December 21, the actual gas flow from Germany to Poland via the pipeline was reversed.

Gazprom did not book capabilities on the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline due to a lack of purchase orders from European clients, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated during his annual year-end press conference last week. He went on to say that reverse deliveries allow Europeans to resell gas purchased under long-term contracts.

Gazprom has stated that it distributes gas to Europe in compliance with current contracts and consumer requests. For example, a number of the company’s European clients, primarily from France and Germany, have already accepted their annual contracted quantities for 2021 and are no longer applying for gas deliveries as a result.

Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany are all connected by the Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline. The pipeline’s design capacity is 32.9 billion cubic metres of gas per year.

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