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Germany: Police arrests man for taking COVID-19 vaccine 87 times

A man from Germany is under investigation after police get aware that he had received the coronavirus vaccine nearly 87-90 times

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Germany: A man from Germany is under investigation after police get aware that he had received the coronavirus vaccine nearly 87-90 times, as per the reports. 

The reports found that Germany battles with the COVID-19 wave infections as well as struggling to raise its vaccination rates as compared to other western European countries. 


Reason to get the jab so many times: 

According to the information acquired by the hidden sources, over the 61 years old, man visited many vaccination centers in the eastern German states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

The man is thought to have received the jab up to three times a day at various jab sites, totaling 87 coronavirus vaccinations in the state of Saxony alone.

A staff member at a center in the city of Dresden grew doubtful when he saw the man, a spokesman for the German Red Cross, Kai Kranich, said. 

The next time when he entered a vaccination center in the town of Eilenburg, outside Leipzig, staff called the police, and police arrested him. 

The German Red Cross pressed charges against the man for fear of his involvement in selling vaccination passports. However, Criminal investigations are currently going on in the state of Saxony, with administrations in other German states also investigatio=ng the man.  


Moreover, it is still unclear and in doubt how many times he actually received the coronavirus vaccine, but it is expected that it is higher than the 87 known jabs. 

How did he get away with it for so long?

Reports also stated that he always carries a new, blank vaccination document with him each time the man enters a vaccination site

After getting the jab, he removed the pages with the details about the vaccine batch numbers and sold them to vaccine opponents.

The man registered for the vaccination appointments using his own name and birthdate, but he did not bring his health insurance card to the appointments, which could have alerted authorities sooner.

Calls for vaccine register for Germany:

The case also revealed the gaps in Germany’s health care system – where the medical system is essentially not digitalized or centrally stored. 

“A national vaccine register or a coronavirus vaccine register would have immediately shed light on the case,” Knut Köhler, a Saxony state medical association spokesperson, said. 

Over 75% of the eligible population in Germany is fully vaccinated, with approximately 58 percent receiving a booster shot. The figures are especially low in eastern German states, where the fully vaccinated rate in Saxony is 64.5 percent.

Germany’s vaccination rate is far after its Western European neighbors, with Spain logging 85% fully vaccinated and Portugal reporting more than 91%.

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