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Read about major characters of Toy Story 4: Duck and Bunny

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Duck and Bunny are considered the main characters in Toy Story 4. Toy Story 4 is a Disney Pixar animated movie, and it was released in the year 2019. Duck and Bunny’s voice has been provided by Keegan-Michael Key(Duck) and Jordan Peele(Bunny). These two characters are loved the most by the Toy Story Audience. These two characters were always recorded together because they go with each other so well. Duck and Bunny know each other so well.

Duck and Bunny is an excellent duo in Toy Story 4. They both are hilarious. The director of the show told in an interview that he just used to bring the scene’s script, which has to be recorded. The next work was all done by Peele and Key. They used to take the script to a different level making it interesting and really funny.


The director also said that the work done by Key and Peele as Duck and Bunny is commendable. It was really a tough job for the entire time to shoot a particular scene without ruining it by laughter. Peele and Key both have provided lives to the characters of Duck and Bunny.

Reviews by audience

Toy Story 4 has received ample love and fame. The Duck and Bunny have been the major highlight of the show. The love received by Duck and Bunny can’t be measured in words because it is the pure love of people. Several people have given reviews regarding the show. Some people said that their laughter was totally uncontrollable during the entire show.

The movie was filled with funny elements and made them laugh till the end. The chemistry of Duck and Bunny is also loved by people a lot. The movie has received 3.9 Stars out of 5. Therefore, it can be guessed that how good the movie would have been. Also, some people are demanding a Sequel of the show featuring Duck and Bunny as lead characters.

They have fallen in love with the duo. Not only this, but soft toys are being created of Duck and Bunny and are sold in different countries. These soft toys are in huge demand.

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