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What Is Interesting About K.K Slider From Animal Crossing!!

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K.K. Slider, normally known as K.K, or DJ K.K. is a canine who shows up taking all things together of the Animal Crossing arrangement games to date. He fills in as an artist, playing melodies on his guitar. In Animal Crossing, he could be found close to the train station; Wild World and City Folk made them play in The Roost bistro; while New Leaf saw him move to work in Club LOL. His birthday was uncovered in Animal Crossing Plaza. Like other unique characters that show up in the Animal Crossing arrangement, he doesn’t command it. 

K.K. Slider plays an aggregate of 55 melodies in Animal Crossing, 70 tunes in Wild World, 75 in City Folk, 91 in New Leaf, and 95 in New Horizons. A full rundown of his tunes can be found here. He shows up on the entirety of his tune covers since he possesses them. 



K.K. slider is a white Jack Russell terrier. He has thick, dark eyebrows that are almost molded like crescents. He has basic, half-shut bruised eyes and a glossy dark nose. He wears no garments in essentially the entirety of his appearances. In New Leaf, notwithstanding, he wears a dark cap, earphones, and dark glasses when proceeding as DJ K.K. In Happy Home Designer, he will wear a blue and white striped nonconformist style shirt, a dark paperboy cap, and dark glasses as his easygoing wear. 


K.K. The slider is a nonconformist-style voyaging performer, which is reflected in his smooth discourse towards the player. He appears to be somebody who needs to be freed, as demonstrated by his insubordination to putting a cost on his tunes. This adds to the performer generalization of conflicting with a specific standard. Regardless of that, his tunes are available to be purchased in New Leaf for 3,200 (3,600 with the ringer blast statute) chimes when the player moves up to T.I.Y. 

K.K. has a conspicuous enthusiasm for performing for other people, as he offers to play for individuals consistently. In Wild World, he appears to realize Brewster genuinely well. 

Role of The Character

In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing, K.K. The slider is seen sitting on the stool near the Train Station found from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Saturday. He actually has a similar part, to ask for or ask a tune or for him to pick. He is additionally seen when the games are begun and booted up. As he plays his melody, the credits will move as the camera gradually moves around the player and K.K. Each ‘downpour’ for the seasons (cherry blooms, downpour, day off) will fall altogether as the melody plays. 

In the event that the player demands a tune that isn’t one of his (or is incorrectly spelled), he will play an irregular tune, at that point tell the player that the melody they mentioned “wasn’t one of his”. 

In the event that the player demands one of his tunes or allows him to pick, he will give them a duplicate of it to play at their home. 


K.K. has 3 “secret” tunes in Animal Crossing: I Love You, Two Days Ago, and K.K. Tune. At the point when mentioned, he will act shocked that the player knows it. In Animal Forest e+, these melodies are not, at this point mysterious and the new mystery tunes are My Place, Forest Life, and To the Edge.

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