Georgia ranks 1st in Ukraine aid supply via mail among other countries

Georgia: The Georgian Post stated on Friday, after citing the data from the National Post of Ukraine, that humanitarian aid packages delivered to Ukraine from Georgia during the ongoing war ranked the country first among other countries that sent their packages via mail.

According to Ukrposhta national post records, the mail firm has sent over 520 tonnes of aid to Ukraine as of April 20, with Georgian-originating packages coming in first, followed by Romania with over 80 tonnes of supplies and Belgium with 80 tonnes.

Moreover, according to Georgian Post, Georgia is one of 14 nations that have allowed people and legal companies to send free postal parcels to their preferred recipients in Ukraine since the war beginning of war in February.

In the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the humanitarian package used for the ranking does not include construction, technological and other humanitarian cargo provided by other nations.

The first humanitarian aid package was sent to Ukraine from Georgia in February after an initiative taken by the Prime Minister of Georgia. Aid was also supplied with the help of State Representatives from all of Georgia’s regions, as well as the Department of Government Relations with the Regions.

The Georgian Parliament, Tbilisi City Hall, the Orthodox Church Patriarchate, and the National Food Agency collected humanitarian aid in various parts of the country and transported it to Ukraine.

Furthermore, State agency Enterprise Georgia launched its own Produce for Ukraine campaign, in which items made or purchased by Georgian enterprises were supplied to the nation facing Russian invasion in three phases.

The delivery of humanitarian packages to Ukraine has been logistically provided by Georgian Post in cooperation with the Ukrainian National Post.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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