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Russian control over 20% of Georgian territory doesn’t define us; says PM Garibashvili at UNGA

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The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, in his United Nations General Assembly address on Thursday, highlighted the ongoing Russian occupation, having annexed around one-fifth of the Georgian territory. Garibashvili has appealed to the world’s democracies to “act as one to ensure that freedom and peace prevail”.

The PM stressed upon the foundation principles of the United Nations – to unite to maintain global peace and security after World War II – the head of the Georgian Government said the organisation’s member states continued to face aggression.


“In 2008, Georgia was attacked by Russia that resulted in the ongoing occupation of 20 per cent of our territory. At the time, even the international community had recognised this aggression. But, as we have learned, the world’s democracies must act together towards ensuring that the freedom and peace prevail”, said the PM, noting that the protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity “is the organisation’s duty, our promise”.

He further stressed upon Georgia’s intentions to resolve the conflicts in the most peaceful manner, reiterating that the Geneva international discussions, an international format on Georgia’s conflict issues since 2008, were “particularly crucial to bring Russia to the table to address the implementation of the EU-mediated 2008 ceasefire agreement”, expressing gratitude to the international community for its support for Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Russian control over 20% of Georgian territory doesn’t define us. We’ll continue to punch above our weight and make significant contributions to the international community, added Garibashvili.

I feel so proud to represent my country before you today. After three decades of regaining independence, Georgian dreams are finally becoming a reality. In recent decades, Georgia, whose history traces back thousands of years, is looked as a prime example of resilience and progress in the face of extraordinary challenges. Being supported by international partners, I am confident that we will build a brighter, more peaceful, and prosperous world now and for the generations that will follow us”, Garibashvili said.

Additionally, he applauded the Georgian Dream authorities for implementing an ambitious reform agenda that brought the country closer to our key international partners, the EU, United States, NATO, and the United Nations” since taking office in 2012.

Ever since Georgia regained independence, the decade has been unprecedentedly peaceful, prosperous and stable. The Government is continuously working on Georgia’s global positioning and already realising the rewards.



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