Tbilisi: Tea Akhvlediani meets platforms of civil society representatives at the agency

Tbilisi: Tea Akhvlediani, Minister of State for Reconciliation and Civil Equality, at the “Consultative Council of Experts on Reconciliation and Inclusion Policy Issues” and “Women, Peace and Security – Builder of Peace, conducted a meeting with members of the Consultative Platform regarding the issues of strengthening the effective participation of women.

The meeting aimed to summarize and assess key results achieved in 2022 on reconciliation and engagement policies, including the Peace Initiative’s “Steps Towards a Better Future”. 

In addition, the Minister of State spoke about the situation in the occupied territories of Georgia, as well as about current activities and future plans for reconciliation and trust among the population artificially separated by the dividing line.

 The aim is to make substantial progress and promote the cooperation around common interests. Council and platform members shared their views with the Minister and expressed their readiness for continuing close cooperation to promote engagement and safeguard the rights of people affected by conflict.

“The results of our joint cooperation within the platforms initiated by the Minister’s Apparatus over the year to deepen our partnership with NGOs, today we summed up with representatives of civil society. 

Based on specifics and competence, given the goals set before the Agency, we discussed the results achieved, discussed the situation in the occupied regions and the dynamics of ongoing processes, and also planned our future Cooperation plan,” – said the Minister of State Tea Akhvlediani.

The Consultative Council of Experts on Reconciliation and Inclusion Policy Issues and Enhancement of Women’s Effective Participation in the Peace Building Process was launched by the State Minister’s Office in 2021. 

The RSDA aims to strengthen cooperation with civil society and, on the other hand, to promote women’s involvement and role in peace-building.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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