Georgian Tea Gamarjoba to be sold in Czech Supermarket OXALIS

Tbilisi: Within the framework of the export stimulation program of the agency “Manufacture in Georgia”, the famous Georgian tea “Gamarjoba” will now be sold in the Czech supermarket chain – OXALIS.

 As the co-founder Avtandil Lomatatidze noted, “We used to sell tea before participating in the export stimulation program, but without any special packaging.” But this program has empowered us to make our dream come true and offer unique products with a Georgian name and logo to foreign partners. This offer was also interesting for them, and in the end, they made a common deal. The forgotten tradition of our ancestors caused special popularity and interest in the Czech Republic.” 

Notably, Gamarjoba has resorted to multiple trademarks for its manufacturing since 1993. The Gurian tea cultivation has been a family business for the founders, thereby adding an ancestral value to tea. Having learned the art of tea cultivation and a variety of flavours from China, the founders turned towards indigenous cultivation of tea in Georgia. Another vital element of the Gamarjoba tea is that the farmers use pesticide-free tea leaves from the mountains of Guria to produce tea.

Also, Gamarjoba produces premium-quality black, white, aged and crafted areas. Interestingly, the Georgian leaves have a natural ability to absorb the fragrances of rose, acacia and honey, which sets it apart from tea produced in the rest of the world.

The export assistance program of the Enterprise Georgia agency, launched in 2022, enabled many Georgian businesses to expand in the global markets and diversification of the catalogues. It was the project that enabled the founders of Gamarjoba to conduct negotiations with the OXALIS, the Czech supermarket chain.


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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