Georgia: Enguri Hydrological Initiative project to be completed by April 2023

Tbilisi: Within the framework of the Enguri Hydrological Initiative project, a 3-day working meeting is organized by the Georgian Energy Development Fund. It was noted during the meeting that the project, that was started in 2021, will be finished in April 2023. 

As the Director of the Foundation, Jaba Khmaladze noted: “After the implementation of the Enguri Hydrological Initiative project, the country will have an instrument that will allow us to collect and analyze the current and future water in the rivers of Enguri basin in automatic mode. 

Further, Khmalazde added : “The program will consolidate this data in one space and create a necessary statistical database based on modern digital technologies.”

The project aims to create a platform for operators of hydropower plants in the Enguri River Basin and other stakeholders to strengthen cooperation between major Enguri River Basins organizations, as well as to implement best international practices on hydrological data through the exchange of information.

The hydrological model under the project will play a significant role for the overall security of the country’s energy system, as well as for planning development of hydro plants in the Engurri Basin, for forecasting generation for different periods of the year, for monitoring the availability of stocks in Engurhes and other project reservoirs in the Engurhesi River Basin in the future.

 The project has been financially backed and supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The Representatives of Georgian Ministry of State Electricity System, Economy and Sustainable Development, LLC “Engurhes”, Energy Exchange, National Commission for Energy and Water Supply of Georgia, Ministry of Environment and Agriculture, National Environmental Agency and hydroelectric power plants operating in the Enguri pool are attending the working meeting

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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