Georgia: Tea Akhvlediani, Molodovan Vice PM visit occupation line in Odzisi

Tbilisi: Within the framework of a two-day working visit to Georgia, Moldova Vice-Prime Minister on Reintegration Issues, Oleg Serebriani, Georgian Minister of State Tea Akhvlediani visited the occupation line in the village of Odzisi.

Vice-Prime Minister got acquainted with the security situation created by the occupation line and from the representatives of the State Security Service of Georgia, heard detailed information on moving to the Tskhinvali region, illegal removal of restrictions imposed by the occupation regime, wires and other artificial barriers, interference in the lives of Georgian citizens and unlawful arrests as well as other gross violations of human rights and incidents About a generation.

Tea Akhvlediani stressed the necessity of informing international partners and continuation of joint efforts on the situation in occupied regions and along occupation lines, which is extremely important for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the population affected by the conflict, including free movement and unconditional and unconditional and of illegally detained citizens of Georgia To ensure an immediate release.

Oleg Serebriani also heard from the Minister of State about the socio-economic situation of the population living near the dividing lines, as well as the activities of the temporary government commission and infrastructure, social, health care, educational, and agricultural agencies of Georgia for effective response to their needs. EO and about implementing other programs.

“The Vice Prime Minister of Moldova today had the opportunity to inform on the security situation at the occupation line, as well as to receive information about illegal barriers raised along the occupation lines, restrictions on free movement and illegal kidnapping of our citizens, which represent one of the most difficult consequences of the ongoing occupation in Georgia.” 

Engagement and awareness of international partners both bilaterally and internationally in multilateral formats is really critical and essential in this process,” said State Minister Tea Akhvlediani.

“It is a very interesting experience to see the reality on the ground, at the occupation line, to see the Russian military base on the other side.” This is common for our region, as we have similar experiences in the Dnestrian region. 

As you know, Russian military forces have been stationed there illegally since 1991. It was very interesting to hear from my Georgian colleague that in Tskhinvali region and Abkhazia there are human rights issues, native language education in schools, ethnic cleansing in both regions and the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of Georgians who have been forced to leave these regions. 

I think we have many issues in common, which is why actions between Tbilisi and Kishinov should be more coordinated with our European colleagues. Today I was also in Georgia on an EU observation mission and asked them many questions about the reality of the occupation line in Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region. “For me and my colleagues, this is really very informative and interesting, but also a sad experience,” said Oleg Serebrian.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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