Georgia: Education Ministry defines terms & conditions for 2023-2024 first graders

Tbilisi: Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia defined terms and conditions for registration of first-graders for the 2023-2024 academic year. Stage I – In the first stage of registration, from March 6 to March 20, 2023, children with special educational needs will be registered in schools.

 As per the Education Ministry, the parents of children who are to be registered at the first stage should apply to the desired public school. The school administration will register the child in the Education Management Information System (EMIS).

 To confirm a special educational need, a parent completes a referral form at the school, after which the multidisciplinary team assesses the child and their educational need. In case a special educational need is confirmed, the school will ensure that the student’s enrollment is based on relevant documentation.

 The period for submission and enrollment for children enrolled in stage one is from March 21, 2023 to April 28, 2023.

 A pupil with special educational needs may be considered a child with:

 a) physical impairment; 

b) intellectual developmental disorder; 

c) learning ability impairment; 

d) sensory development (hearing and/or vision disorder); 

e) Speech developmental and emotional disorder;

 f) Need for long-term hospitalization 

g) Social factor Difficulties in learning that’s why unable to meet national curriculum requirements;

h) Autism spectrum.

 Children, who have not been confirmed with special educational needs, will be able to register at the next stages.

 Stage II – Registration will be possible from May 2 to May 15 and those children will be registered in school whose:

 Brother and sister are also studying at the desired school;

 Parent/guardian/caregiver is a desired public school employee;

 Two or more children from the family enter the first class at the same time.

 Registration for the second stage is carried out based on the submission of documentation required by a parent/legal representative in public schools. Registration will be provided by a public school.

 Stage III – General registration will begin from May 17 and will continue until June 9.

 Registration will be done on the official website of the Education Management Information System registration. issued. When you’re in love with me. Registration will be provided by a parent/legal guardian. The submission of the necessary documentation for electronically registered pupils will be carried out from June 13 to June 24. If documentation is not submitted within the stipulated time, registration will be automatically canceled.

 Phase IV – will be implemented in schools from June 28 to July 12. Students who have not registered in stages I, II and III or wish to change their registration will be registered in the remaining seats or in the previous stages.

Registration of the pupil at the fourth stage will be provided by a public school based on the required documentation submitted by a parent/legal representative.

 Documents enrolled in the first class:

 Statement of the student’s legal representative, which must contain information about the generation of the legal representative’s residence and phone number and must meet other requirements stipulated by Article 78 of the General Administrative Code of Georgia, a copy of the legal representative identity certificate and a copy of the document confirming residence in Georgia (the essence of such) Just in case you’re in trouble). 

In case of submitting documents in a foreign language, they must include the translation in Georgian language established by Georgian legislation).

 A copy of the pupil’s birth certificate or ID document and a copy of the document confirming residence in Georgia (if such exists). In case of submitting documents in a foreign language, they must include the translation in Georgian language established by Georgian legislation).

 The Education Ministry urges parents to carefully read the terms and conditions of registration in order to be able to enter their child to school on time and smoothly.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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