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Tbilisi, Georgia: Georgian National Hero of the Battle of Shindisi, Alexander Oniani was born on March 9, 1981, in Jakhunder village of Lentekhi district. He received his secondary education in his native village school, applied for compulsory military service and in 2006, following his brother’s example, he began contract military service.

On August 11, 2008, Junior Sergeant Alexander Oniani, with the Engineering Subdivision of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, was moving to the territory of the village Shindisi of Gori district, while at the Shindisi Railway Station, the Georgian subdivision attacked the Russian Motor Shooting Battalion. Oniani was immediately involved in the unequal confrontation known as the “Battle of Shindisi” in Georgian military history.

In the “Battle of Shindisi”, where the two-sided shooting took place in a radius of 70 meters, the Georgian subdivision in Alka had only an hour and twenty minutes of combat resources, but despite this, the subdivision caused a great loss to the opponent.

17 Georgian military servicemen were killed in the “Battle of Shindisi”. In the end, two of them remained in Alka – Senior Sergeant Alexander Oniani and his godson, Corporal Roman Zoidze. Corporal Zoidze was wounded and bleeding, but Oniani, who was completely safe at the time, did not leave him despite his comrade’s request.

Senior Sergeant Alexander Oniani, under threat of being captured, blew his head off with a handcuff, did not succumb to his opponent and injured his life force.

On August 11, 2021, 13 years since the “Battle of Shindisi”, Senior Sergeant Alexander Oniani was awarded the title of National Hero of Georgia. He was also awarded the “Vakhtang Gorgasli’s” 1st degree medal and the Ministry of Defense of Georgia “Devoted to Homeland”. He is buried in the cemetery of Jakhunder village of Lentekhi district.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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