Georgia: Shalva Papuashvili bashes radicals opposing Foreign Agents Law

Tbilisi: The Georgian Parliamentary Speaker, Shalva Papuashvili, in his latest comments, slammed the radicals that have been opposing the Foreign Agents Law while trying to alter the perspective of the Georgian citizens against the law.

Shalva Papuashvili stated, “Let’s remember how the “National Movement” works – after the 2020 elections, they took people to the streets, creating the perception that the election was rigged.” Time passed, and everyone was convinced it was a lie.

Then, they took to the street with a lie, as if Georgia is not solidary enough with Ukraine, which part of the population that came out was sincerely upset; in the end, everyone was convinced that it was a lie and if someone was in solidarity with Ukraine honestly and kindly Georgia is one of the first.

Then NGOs took people to the streets when we didn’t get candidate status. They prepared the perception that it would be the fault of the government and that the government does not deserve it. It’s time to see the European Commission assessment that said we deserved the status in June because we are ahead of all parameters. Moldova is far behind and far behind Bosnia and Herzegovina, which were granted status in December.

Yet another lie to drive the population out – this law was not even written when they called it Russian law. No one came to the discussion, no one came to the content, and everyone had one slogan – no to Russian law. They convinced people that it was Russian.

Today we see the disappointment in a society that saw that this Foreign Agents Law, the so called,  “Russian law”, apparently it is in America, apparently, it is being discussed in Canada, apparently, it is discussed in the UK, apparently, it is exactly in the EU that the American law is against it. So these lies are finally coming to an end. Radicals have tried that emotional topic can irritate Georgian people and people should not follow emotions.”

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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