Georgia: MP Maka Botchorishvili addresses ongoing hatred agenda against Georgian govt

Tbilisi: Maka Botchorishvili, a Member of the Georgian Parliament, addressed the hatred agenda, the opposition has been running against the ruling Dream Government. 

Maka Botchorishvili stated: “First of all, I will address my colleagues who from this hall re-engage in a ruthless campaign of false hatred, hatred, severe accusations and consciously encourage violence in this country:

Your only stronghold is lies, lies and hate. All three are doomed to failure.Those who are fighting against Georgia’s European future inside and outside the country, and unfortunately, there are many, I want to say to everyone: You can blame Georgia and its government for many things, but not Russia!

There is no greater cynicism than this.

 A nation that has been fighting for more than 30 years to escape from the sphere of Russian influence, who says that it has chosen a pro-Russian government, is just laughing at it.

 For those who don’t know, I’ll tell them: ️

Today there is political power in the Georgian government, because of which Georgian heroic soldiers stood in support of NATO forces in Afghanistan;

Today there is political power in the Georgian government, by which hero Georgian soldiers served in EU missions in Central Africa and Mali; And you are sticking the Russian label.

 ️There is a political power in the Georgian government, which, after a decade of struggle in international courts, legally named Russia an occupier country! This is when in 2008, the government failed to ensure that the world would name itself for Russian aggression and say it was “Russia’s war against Georgia”.

!! ️Today, there is political power in the Georgian government, whose principle decision in 2014 to sign the Association Agreement with the EU, including the Free Trade Agreement, which made our integration into the EU irrevocable; Ukraine managed only after Maidan and Armenia failed at that time.

!! ️There is a political force in the Georgian government today, which, despite the fact that Georgia’s security is most under threat today, despite the actions and accusations by the Ukrainian government, firmly supports Ukraine in the struggle for independence and territorial integrity.

 It’s a lie when you talk about Georgia’s European future. Because it’s foreign to you to listen to the people, it’s strange to you the basic basis of democracy is human and its rights, it’s foreign protection of the interests and sovereignty of the state, and it’s foreign for you to honour.

 The candidate’s status, about which you are talking so much, make it a weapon of war and not a goal. This is the difference between you and us: we work to comply with EU recommendations, and you need the country’s European future only for speculations and weapons.

Treason is what you do every day: consciously lobbying for a country not to get candidate status under that government and then using it to take over your government.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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