Georgia: Zurab Azarashvili opens presentation of future plans and concept for Kipshidze Central University Clinic

Tbilisi: The Minister of IDPs, Labor, Health and Social Protection, Zurab Azarashvili opened the presentation of future plans and concept related to Kipshidze Central University Clinic. Azarashvili emphasized on the importance of high-tech state clinic in accordance with international standards in his opening remarks.

The concept of Kipshidze Central University Clinic was presented by Nino Kvernadze, Head of the Project Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Health. The new Republican Hospital will be a 500-bed, multi-profile and high-tech clinic in the same area, providing all major medical facilities.

The base of the clinic will be placed children’s onco-hematological direction, a central blood bank of modern standards will be opened, a GDP standard pharmacy, educational spaces, medical library, telemedicine spaces and more. 

The new Republican Hospital will become the regional hub and will retain the status of University Clinic, conceptually entails the full integration of prospective physicians into clinical activities and corresponding on the provision of infrastructure.

During the presentation, the clinic staff were introduced to the ongoing and conducted research. According to reports, only the pillars of the existing treatment facility meet the requirements of the current seismic norms, while the rows require reinforcement.

In addition, “the technical condition of the external facades of the major medical Maghlivi building can be judged as an acute accident.” “As it stands, their exploitation is unacceptable and must be dismantled urgently”.

Apart from infrastructural issues, among the major challenges facing the clinic, lack of services, non-compliance with standards, as well as clinical and financial challenges. Attention was focused on the mandatory accreditation of clinics included in the Universal Health Program by 2025 and noted that, due to the conditions in the republican hospital, it is impossible to begin this process.

Following the presentation, the staff at Republican Hospital had the opportunity to gain information about upcoming plans for the clinic. They discussed the challenges in the clinic and the ways to solve them. They discussed existing international experience and best practices in this regard.

During the presentation, the issues of cooperation with medical personnel were also discussed and noted that the employees of the Republican Hospital, who will be employed in other state medical facilities or during construction, will be paid.

Presentation of the concept and future plans of the new republic hospital was attended by Deputy Minister of Labour, Health and Social Welfare Tamar Gabunia, Ilia Gudushauri, Tamil Barkalaia, Republic Hospital Heads and Doctors, field experts and medical field representatives.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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