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Georgian Education Minister amends teachers’ professional development scheme

Tbilisi: Georgian Minister of Education and Science. Giorgi Amilakhvar made appropriate decisions on improving the teachers' professional development scheme.

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Tbilisi: Georgian Education Minister Giorgi Amilakhvar made appropriate decisions on improving the teachers’ professional development scheme.

As the Education Minister stated, “Several issues were raised regarding the status increase in the format of meetings with teachers:


 Cancellation of portfolio or postponement of the deadline;

 Simplifying the portfolio, reviewing the criteria;

 Reviewing the documentation required to submit the portfolio;

 The issue of portfolio assessors;

 Methods of systematic support for teachers.

All issues were processed in the format of a general education working group, and we made the following decisions: 



Since the teacher’s portfolio is a tool for the individual, practical work of the teacher, which is very important to see the real picture, and it is not possible to assess the professional work of the teacher only by the exam form, the deadline for submitting the portfolio was extended until June 1. This period will be a helpful factor for teachers to present their portfolios in a timely and qualitative manner.

 Simplifying the portfolio:

In the process of uploading and submitting the portfolio, the teachers cited as evidence presentation, processed citing, wrote reflections and produced various documentation. Accordingly, we reviewed the requirements and agreed on the most optimal version.

In particular:

 Removed the responsibility of written reflection on the teacher’s practical work. A teacher will present his/her work face to the Qualification Assessment Team in an interview. Naturally, during the oral interview, the teacher will discuss with the Assessment Team the importance of this activity, what the activity had to do with the learning process and get appropriate feedback.

 Removed the obligation to present all competence proofs in each direction. A teacher has the opportunity to upload only one directional competence proof in the portfolio and discuss with the assessment team the authenticity of this evidence, its connection to the implementation of the National Curriculum and improving the quality of learning.

 Evaluation Group:

Managing portfolio evaluation is an important issue. Several expert assessment teams will pre-study teacher-uploaded projects, and activities, survey other school community members and interact with the applicant teacher. The Portfolio Assessment Team will be inclusive to ensure process transparency, high-quality of evaluation objectivity, and high credibility of the public.

 Supporting events:

The Ministry will provide full support to teachers in this process. Apart from centralized training, webinars, teachers will have the opportunity to get individual consultation on a particular issue from the National Center for Teacher Professional Development through their official email as well as Facebook page and hotline. Therefore, Teachers do not need to seek any other organization or external person for help or additional services as full support will be provided by Ministry.

“I note that even though the portfolio submission deadline has been postponed, teachers will be able to benefit from the addition of the increased status from the 2023-2024 academic year.

With this model, the system goes through a process for the first time, therefore it is important to observe the whole cycle to make the right decisions afterwards. As promised, I will continue to meet and communicate with teachers and all department representatives while this ongoing process. 

Consequently, in the near future, by observing the feedback and process of teachers, we will make appropriate decisions that will put the interests of teachers first, establish fairness in the teaching corps, to ensure equal conditions for all without exceptions“, stated Education Minister Giorgi Amilakhvari.

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