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Georgia: Tea Akhvlediani introduces MP’s with State Strategy of Civil Equality for 2023-24

Tbilisi: Minister of State Tea Akhvlediani introduced the MPs in the Georgian Parliament the "State Strategy of Civil Equality and Integration 2021-2030" for 2023-2024 years.

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Tbilisi: Minister of State Tea Akhvlediani introduced the MPs in the Georgian Parliament the “State Strategy of Civil Equality and Integration 2021-2030” for 2023-2024 years.

The participants of Joint Meeting included Three Committees of Parliament – Human Rights Protection and Civic Integration, Culture, Education and Science, in which the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Giorgi Volski and other members of the legislative body.


The meeting aimed at discussing implementation measures within the framework of state policy among non-Georgian citizens all about level ups, education and public life to create equal opportunities for participation in the field and to strengthen social integration. The meeting was organized and led by the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee Mikheil Sarjveladze.

Tea Akhvlediani provided deputies with detailed and comprehensive information about the goals, tasks and main activities set within the action plan, according to the strategic directions of the State Policy for Civil Equality and Integration. 

The Minister of State stressed the importance of cooperation with the Georgian Parliament in the process of implementing the state policy on civil equality and integration and noted that such a working meeting is important to increase the effectiveness of policy implementation and to achieve the results. 

The meeting was held in a discussion mode, during which the Minister of State answered questions and heard the opinions of representatives of the Legislative Body.

“In the process of implementing a state policy on civil equality and integration with ethically and culturally diverse communities of our country, we place our close and intensive cooperation with the parliamentary dimension of utmost importance.” 

With this in mind, organized by the Human Rights Committee, today our working meeting was held in the Georgian Parliament, which was also attended by representatives of the Committees of Education and Science and Culture. We presented and detailed the 2023-2024 Strategic Action Plan that combines 200 events to achieve strategic goals. 


“Our discussion today, where we provided exhaustive information to members of parliament in response to their opinions and questions raised was very important, useful and fruitful,” said State Minister Tea Akhvlediani.

According to Giorgi Volski, the first Deputy Speaker of Parliament, in 2023-24 serious steps will be taken, the result of which will be taken by 2030.

“I would like to emphasize urgently that the topic we discussed in the committee today, regarding issues of civic integration, the state strategy until 2030, is done at a highly professional level.

This is extremely important for the security and stability of the state, and the relationship between nationalities, which has distinguished Georgia throughout its history, during the period of global tensions, requires further attention. We, a country carrying such tradition, should be an example for others,”- said George Volski.

According to Mikheil Sarjveladze, Chairman of the Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Civil Integration, the meeting was successful and productive.

“At today’s working meeting, we covered all the painful and critical issues that are necessary for the implementation of this strategy.” This meeting was successful”, – Mikheil Sarjveladze said.

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