Georgia: Investments in healthcare system are essential, says Tamar Gabunia at 76th World Health Assembly

Tbilisi: Georgian Deputy Minister of Health, Tamar Gabunia attended the 76th World Health Assembly held in Geneva, where she stressed the importance of investments in the field of health care and the significance of the Universal Healthcare system for Georgia.

 Tamar Gabunia stated: “Universal healthcare and health security are closely linked. Therefore, it is essential to make investments in the health care system as well as to build a sustainable primary health care system.”

At the event, representatives of the United States around Universal Healthcare 2023 gave a speech and talked about the main goal of the platform – maximal accessibility of the healthcare system. 

Also, they paid attention to healthcare programs and shared their experiences with each other and noted access to health as a fundamental human right. Therefore it is very important for states to maximize the availability and effectiveness of health care services. 

With partnership and collaboration at the international level, countries will be able to act more effectively, as mentioned at the meeting.

Notably, Georgia was one of the host countries of this meeting held within the framework of the 76th World Health Assembly. 

Deputy Minister Tamar Gabunia spoke about the success of the universal program in her speech. Also, attention was paid to the national strategy of health care, which the Georgian government approved in 2022. 

According to the Deputy Minister, the ultimate goal of the document is to create the most effective system of health care. Also – availability of appropriate services and medicines in the country. 

As Tamar Gabunia pointed out in her speech, without ensuring the fundamental human rights to health, it is impossible to achieve other goals of sustainable development for the country, therefore, Georgia is actively implementing reforms in this direction.

Satyam Dawar

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