Georgia’s previous Govt literally begged to remove sanctions on Russia: Mamuka Mdinaradze

Tbilisi: Georgian Dream MP Mamuka Mdinradze slammed the former government of Georgia, stating that it literally begged to remove sanctions imposed on occupier country Russia. Also, they were doing everything since the occupation to settle relations with Russia, according to Mdinaradze. 

“We have two characteristics, the previous and the present government. The previous government was literally begging for the removal of sanctions, which were from Russia. 

They were begging, sending representatives, sending letters, and doing everything they could since the occupation to settle relations with Russia. Former government representatives made statements to normalize things with Russia. 

Leaving the statements, the talk was about how to settle relations and remove these various restrictions from the occupying country.

As for today’s present, in 2019 with our American and European partners, they were aggravating the issue, yes, restrictions, sanctions lifted, restrictions on flights etc.

Other than open statements, there is no public communication, it is the only format of communication, and you know, Mr Abashidze handles this issue very successfully; there is no other communication channel, as various political groups think, does not exist. Nothing happens beyond what you’ve heard.

But also what you heard was happening in the previous gov’t, how they begged unselfishly. The form was especially bad on this one. Therefore, we can conclude that it is all about the withdrawal of recognition by the occupier of Abkhazia and Samachablo, and the Russian president says that this issue has come, but they will still put conspiracy theories and put the issue from the back holes in the agenda. 

They will invent this; they will cover it up with this. However, Georgia’s way is one – pragmatic, correct national policy. We are on the road, which may not be near, but the future issue is the unity of Georgian territory, de-occupation, and this is the main national interest.”

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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