Georgia: 5 natural phenomena coincided to cause Shovi disaster

Tbilisi: The Chairman of the Environmental Committee of the Georgian Parliament, Maia Bitadze, revealed that the fatal Shovi landslide was a consequence of 5 natural phenomena that acted together to result in the disaster. 

As Bitadze stated, “Several natural phenomena have coincided, causing unprecedented mass landslides in Racha, heavy rainfall, as well as erosion processes that are developing in parallel with climate change around the world, including Georgia, as well as landslides, glaciers melting, caused by climate change and landslides. These five natural processes acted together, causing the catastrophic outcome in Shovi.” 

Notably, the massive landslide in Shovi caused infrastructural destruction in an area of about 2 km, covered with nearly 5 million integral cubic mass and created the alarming situation that the whole country has been fighting since August 3.

 Maia Bitadze expressed her grief for the ones who lost their loved ones in an unprecedented disaster of this kind. “My condolences to the families of those people who lost their loved ones. I hope those who are missing at this time turn up and are returned to their families”, stated Bitadze.

 Adding further, Bitadze revealed that geologists have been deployed at the area for inspection, who so far state that currently, there is no chance of such an incident being repeated.

Furthermore, she called out the political opinion leaders, who, according to her, are trying to turn this disaster into a political asset.

I would like to tell you that those people, including Giorgi Vashadze, who talked about certain issues yesterday, are people who were active in the deregulation that was implemented in this country during the ruling of the “National Movement” and completely abolished the monitoring system, which is necessary for a country like Georgia.

She also informed that the cottages built there were still communist times, and permits were given out old, although it is a marginal zone, but if the five natural phenomena would act together, where there will be an earthquake and where the five events will coincide, it is impossible to predict.

 This is caused by the erosion of swamps and glaciers melting, which are directly linked to climate change.




Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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