Georgia National Competition Agency partners with WISHLIST for Consumer Protection

Georgia: The National Competition Agency of Georgia signed an agreement with the merchant “WISHLIST” (Online Mall LLC) for the benefit of customers.

To eliminate the alleged violation of law, according to the contract signed between the Agency and the merchant, the company has undertaken to implement the following measures:

To change the company’s internal policy, to comply with the requirements of law and to restore the rights of users, whose rights are allegedly violated as a result of non-fulfilment of obligations defined by law in the past.

Before signing the contract, provide the user with clearly, clearly and perfectly legal information. Including information about all the traders whose goods are available at their stores, on-site and on-site.. . www. wishlist. 

Provide clear and understandable indication of the selling price of goods and services placed on the implementation website/social networks; Clearly formulate the warranty conditions;

Produce and post on the website a form for returning purchased goods, terms for refusal of remote contract and how to introduce it to customers.

The Georgian National Competition Agency, signed a commitment agreement with the trader “WISHLIST” (LTD “Online Mall”) in favor of the consumer.

In order to eliminate the alleged violation of the law, in accordance with the agreement signed between the Agency and the trader, the company was instructed:

– To change the company’s internal policy and comply with the requirements of the law. To restore the rights of those consumers who’s rights were violated in the past as a result of non-fulfilment of the obligations defined by the law;

– Before concluding the contract, a trader is obliged comprehensibly and fully provide the information to a consumer defined by the law. Among them, information regarding all the traders whose goods are sold in their trading facilities, on the site and on the platform;

– To provide a clear and understandable indication of the selling price of the goods and services placed on the website/social networks and on the site;

– To establish clear guarantee conditions in accordance with the law;

– To develop and place on the website the form of return of the purchased goods, the conditions of the withdrawal from the contract and the procedure for introducing it to the consumer.

In accordance with the signed conditional obligation, within 3 months, to submit the evidence of fulfillment of obligations to the agency.

In the direction of consumer rights protection, from November 2022 to July 2023, 317 applications were registered at the National Competition Agency, of which case study was started on 190 applications. 

During 9 months, the competition agency signed 56 agreements in 93 cases – in favor of the consumer. Regarding the 30 conditional obligations signed in 50 cases, the issue has been fully exhausted. In the same period, the fact of 18 violations of the right of the consumer group was confirmed – in 32 cases, and in 4 cases the violation was not confirmed. Due to non-fulfilment of the obligation imposed by the agency, 3 traders were fined in 12 cases.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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