European-Georgia Institute highlights and interviews Nick Beresford

The European-Georgian Institute (EGI) in cooperation with the National Fund of Democracy of the United States (NED) implements a project to highlight the activities of young politicians and activists.

Following the initiative, they have highlighted a young politician, a member of the party “Ana Dolidze – for the People”, Alexander Samsonidze

The European-Georgian Institute asked the politician a few questions. These questions started with,

What is and how to solve the main challenge related to your business/profession?

People don’t know their rights, people don’t know how to contact us, and they don’t know the point of contacting us. We need to raise public awareness of the bilateral connection between citizens and the public sector.

Name a person or organization that you consider as an example in your field

One of the exemplary politicians who sees potential in young people and tries to include them in this field is Ana Dolidze.

An achievement that you are proud of

I have established strong principles and vision of how to serve the citizens of Georgia.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working towards environmental protection

Why do you consider your business important?

First of all, taking care of the environment should be one of the country’s top priorities. Responsibility is imposed on both the society and the state. In this regard, the situation in Georgia is at a very low point and it is necessary to take action that are directly connected to the health of our citizens.


Talk about the main challenge/challenges of Georgian society

One of the major issues is people’s low trust in public officials and politicians. This mistrust will also affect young and promising people in the field, which only aggravates the situation. 

People who don’t believe in their abilities cannot bring change. We need to work double-handedly to regain the people’s faith in themselves and establish a system where politicians are not slaves to power but servants of the people.

Talk about positive tendencies in Georgian society

Keeping the new generation active. More students and even schoolchildren are taking part in political activity, as evident in the March protests. This is particularly clear when you compare it to previous years. The more and more it comes out, the more it becomes darker and eventually impossible for the government to take any further pro-Russian policy steps. Historically, it has already been proven that this trend has brought positive changes in any country.

Talk about 3 most important events in the history of modern Georgia

Georgia is closer to Europe than ever. From both sides – EU and Georgian people there is a desire for independent Georgia to join the European family finally. The public has repeatedly stated its stance on this issue and will continue to stand firmly despite the two faced actions of the government. March 2023 and May 26, this is the will of the people – EU

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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