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Georgia’s Agency of Protected Areas Gets New Equipments

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Tbilisi: One of the major environmental-related agencies of Georgia recently got new Equipment and fire-controlling vehicles. The agency, which is known as the Agency of Protected Areas, has already signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Parks Services of Korea (KNPS).

It is to be specifically mentioned that Borjom-kharagauli National Park of Georgia is one of the largest parks in the country. This park is also one of the major fire-prone zones in Georgia. This handover ceremony of new Equipment took place in the presence of many members of both sides, that is, members from the National Park Services of Korea and the Borojom-kharagauli National Park.


It is worth mentioning that this fire-prone area suffered a huge amount of damage due to wildfires. These wildfires mostly occur in the summer months of the year. Many previous preventative measures have already been initiated by the Borjom-Kharagauli National Park. Under these earlier initiatives, many new fire engines were handed over to the Borjom-kharagauli National Park.

In this handed over Germany, the deputy minister of Environment and agriculture, Yuri Nozadze, was also present along with the Daivid losebashvili. Both of them expressed gratitude and thanked the members of the delegation of the National Park of the Republic of Korea for their assistance and close cooperation. They also expressed gratitude for the sharing of knowledge, experience, and technology with the management of the National Park of Georgia.

The minister and chairman also expressed  hope that this knowledge, experience and technology sharing will be very beneficial for wildlife conservation in Georgia.

On this occasion, along with the Equipment, many fire controlling vehicles were also handed over to the Agency of Protected Areas. Similarly, the agency also received flying apparatus, including  drone from the Korean National Park, which will be used for the effective monitoring of wildlife and biodiversity.

The members of the Korean delegation stated that they will continue to assist the agency of protected areas in future for the protection of biodiversity and wildlife.

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